Gold Coast, Florida

Gold Coast, Florida

The Gold Coast is a region in Florida, the United States of America. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean coast of South Florida and includes several major cities such as West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale. One of the best known of Florida's vernacular regions, the name references the wealth, ritzy tropical lifestyle that characterizes the area, and the "golden" real estate opportunities in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

History Of The Gold Coast

Gold Coast florida
Aerial view of Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful coast with a line of hotels in view.

The Gold Coast region is one of several "coast "regions spread in Florida, including Treasure Coast, Space Coast, the First Coast, and the Sun Coast. It perhaps has originated when the area first saw major growth. The Gold Coast was well established during a 1982 survey of Florida's vernacular regions by Raymond K. Oldakowski and Ary J. Lamme. The survey respondents at that time, from Martin County in the north, through Palm Beach and Broward Counties into Dade County (now Miami-Dade) in the south, identified their area as the Gold Coast.

In 2007, a survey by the same authors found that the Gold Coast was still the most popular and known of all Florida's regions across the state. However, some people from Martin and Palm Beach Counties identified their areas as part of a new region, the Treasure Coast., which also covered the Indian River and St. Lucie Counties.

Gold coast, Florida map
Gold Coast of Florida map.

Demographics Of The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast in Florida is distinguished from other regions of the state by its population, demographics, and culture. The Gold Coast is the most densely populated region in Florida, dominated by Miami, the largest city in the state, and smaller cities such as Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Pompano Beach, all of which are centers of culture and business in the region. The Gold Coast has been greatly influenced by residents who relocated from other parts of the U.S. and the large and diverse immigrant population. As a result, the Gold Coast is considered much less culturally "Southern," more liberal than Central and Northern Florida, more urban and wealthier.

Gold coast florida
West Palm Beach is a city on the Gold Coast. 

The Gold Coast earned a reputation of being a major haven for retirees, especially middle to upper-class singles and couples in their late 50s and 60s who usually come from densely inhabited areas from the northern states such as New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. The high number of retirees who move to the region has led to a dominant "active adult" sub-culture, specifically in counties like Broward and Palm Beach. Despite their advanced age, these "active adults" enjoy active lifestyles of playing golf and tennis, going to the beach, traveling, and socializing.

On the other hand, the Miami area is culturally separated from Palm Beach and Broward counties by its diversity, urban environment, and youthful population. Miami is associated in popular culture with a young party lifestyle and is also known for its large Cuban population.

Climate Of The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has two major seasons: the "rainy season," which lasts from June through October, and the "dry season," which lasts from November through May. The rainy season is scorching, with temperatures climbing as high as 32 degrees Celsius in the afternoons. The intense humidity makes it feel warmer than it actually is despite the frequent rain and winds coming off the Atlantic Ocean. Rain and thunderstorms are frequent in the summer, also known as hurricane season, and although major hurricanes are rare, they do occur.

On the other hand, winter in the Gold Coast region is generally milder, making the season preferable for tourists. Generally, a cold front occurs every week, which will bring a brief rain shower and cooler temperatures ranging between 15 – 21 degrees Celsius.

Tourist Attractions In The Gold Coast

A beach in Gold Coast, Florida.

The Gold Coast attracts millions of tourists from around the United States and worldwide with its beaches and tourist attractions every year. These visitors range from the rich and famous, who flock to posh Palm Beach County; foreigners, business travelers, elderly part-time residents who visit the Gold Coast to escape the northern winters, and families visiting the cosmopolitan Miami. While Palm Beach and Boca Raton are known for their excellent shopping and country-club lifestyle, Fort Lauderdale is a favored beachfront destination.


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