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Where is American Samoa?

map showing the location of American Samoa

Located in the continent of Oceania, American Samoa covers 199 square kilometers of land, making it the 220th largest nation in terms of land area.

American Samoa is a dependant territory of The United States Of America. The population of American Samoa is 68,061 (2012) and the nation has a density of 342 people per square kilometer.

The currency of American Samoa is the US Dollar (USD). As well, the people of American Samoa are refered to as American Samoan.

The dialing code for the country is 1 and the top level internet domain for American Samoan sites is .as.

American Samoa does not share land borders with any countries.

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Quick facts

Population 68,061
Density 342.0 / km2 ( 885.8 / mi2 )
Language English
Capital Pago Pago (Eastern District)
Currency US Dollar
Land Area 199 km2 (77 mi2)
Minimum Longitude -169.410
Maximum Longitude -170.870
Mininum Latitude -14.400
Maximum Latitude -14.150

What is the capital of American Samoa?

map showing the location of American Samoa
Location of Pago Pago on a map.

Pago Pago is the capital city of American Samoa. It has a population of 11,500, and is located on a latitue of -14.28 and longitude of -170.7.

Quick Facts About Pago Pago, the Capital Of American Samoa

City Pago Pago
Country American Samoa
Population 11,500
Longitude -170.70250000
Latitude -14.27806000
Elevation 144 meters over sea level

Most popular cities in American Samoa

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