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Where is The Cayman Islands?

map showing the location of The Cayman Islands

Located in the continent of the Caribbean, Cayman Islands covers 264 square kilometers of land, making it the 215th largest nation in terms of land area.

The Cayman Islands is a dependant territory of The United Kingdom. The population of The Cayman Islands is 52,560 (2012) and the nation has a density of 199 people per square kilometer.

The currency of The Cayman Islands is the Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD). As well, the people of The Cayman Islands are refered to as Caymanian.

The dialing code for the country is 1 and the top level internet domain for Caymanian sites is .ky.

The Cayman Islands does not share land borders with any countries.

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Quick facts

Population 52,560
Density 199.1 / km2 ( 515.6 / mi2 )
Language English
Capital George Town
Currency Cayman Islands Dollar
GDP 3,207,032,513 (2006 data)
GDP per Capita 61,017 (2006 data)
Land Area 264 km2 (102 mi2)
Minimum Longitude -81.450
Maximum Longitude -79.720
Mininum Latitude 19.250
Maximum Latitude 19.770

What is the capital of The Cayman Islands?

map showing the location of The Cayman Islands
Location of George Town on a map.

George Town is the capital city of The Cayman Islands. It has a population of 29,370, and is located on a latitue of 19.29 and longitude of -81.37.

Quick Facts About George Town, the Capital Of The Cayman Islands

City George Town
Country The Cayman Islands
Population 29,370
Longitude -81.37436000
Latitude 19.28660000
Elevation 3 meters over sea level

Most popular cities in The Cayman Islands

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