Aerial view of Rocky Neck and Gloucester Harbor in the city of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gloucester is an urban hub located within Essex County in the US state of Massachusets. Situated along the coast of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, this city is known for its prominent fishing spots and tourist locations. Along with this, it is one of the county’s important urban hubs and is a mix of both the fishing industry and a summer retreat. The city is also known for having a wide range of history throughout its ambiance, whether this is in the pre-Revolutionary architecture or the various museums and monuments.

Geography And Climate Of Gloucester

Gloucester, Massachusetts
Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Gloucester is located at the northeastern end of Massachusets along the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean. It occupies most of the eastern end of Cape Ann, with the entire city being split centrally by the Annisquam River. The city's southern end along the coast is known as Gloucester Harbor, which is segregated into various smaller coves. The city itself covers a total area of 107.5 sq. km, with 67.8 sq. km being land while the remaining 37% is water. This mass of water is divided along the coast and the various rivers and lakes within the city.

According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Gloucester experiences a humid continental climate. This means that it has a temperate climate with chilling winters and decently warm summers. Testament to this, the average temperatures in the city range from highs of 26.6 °C to lows of -7.7, which is much broader than the national average. Gloucester also gets more precipitation throughout the year. With an average yearly rainfall of 49 inches, the city gets nearly 11 inches more rainfall than the national average. In addition to this, precipitation can be seen for approximately 114 days in a year, so Gloucester also gets up to 44 inches of snow during the winter months.

Brief History Of Gloucester

Fisherman's Memorial Cenotaph, also known as "Man at the Wheel" statue, on South Stacy Boulevard in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Fisherman's Memorial Cenotaph, also known as the "Man at the Wheel" statue, on South Stacy Boulevard in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Editorial credit: ARK NEYMAN /

Gloucester has a vast historical origin that dates back many centuries as it was inhabited by the Agawam people and many other Native American Tribes. However, in 1202, a french colonizer named Samuel de Champlain visited the land and, within the next ten years, was established as a permanent fishing outpost by the English Dorcester Company. This began the initial development of the area as a city, but it was soon to end as the colony was abandoned for more fertile regions in 1626. It took another 20 years after this for English settlers to gradually move back into the land until it was finally incorporated as the town of “Gloucester” in 1642. Over the next 70 years, the town was involved in various battles until things finally settled down with the institution of Town Green, a small settlement within Gloucester that had a school and multiple families. This sparked development in the region, and beginning in the early 1700s, various industries such as granite factories, farming, logging, etc., moved in. The town gradually grew into more of a harbor city and attracted many immigrants from Europe and nearby areas. The City of Gloucester was officially incorporated in 1873 and, since then, has maintained a decent growth rate in terms of population and economy.

The Population And Economy Of Gloucester

Eastern Point Lighthouse at Gloucester, Massachusetts
Eastern Point Lighthouse at Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

Based on the latest US Census, the city of Gloucester has a population of 29,729 individuals. This brings the population density across the city to an average of 438.23 individuals per sq. km, which is just slightly higher than the state average, which is 346 individuals per sq. km. Throughout the city’s population, 50.4% of individuals are female, which brings the gender divide to nearly equivalent. In terms of racial makeup, 93.1% of Gloucester’s population is made up of White individuals. The remainder, 6.9%, is split mainly between Hispanic/Latinos, Asians, and African Americans. The median household income in Gloucester was $76,260 in 2020. Apart from this, the average house value in the city was an impressive $435,200, which is relatively high for the state. Due to this disparity in income and home value, Gloucester does have quite a high poverty rate of 9.6%.

Attractions In Gloucester

Good Harbor Beach

Aerial view of Good Harbor Beach during summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Aerial view of Good Harbor Beach during summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

Located at the eastern end of Gloucester, Good Harbor Beach is a fantastic place for both tourists and locals alike. The beach is filled with sand dunes, so one can always find something fun to do. Along with this, one can also go for a swim out into the open waters. 

Hammond Castle Museum

Aerial view of Hammond Castle in village of Magnolia in the city of Gloucester, Massachusetts
Aerial view of Hammond Castle in the village of Magnolia in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Hammond Castle Museum is a relic that delves into the glorious life of John Hays Hammond Jr. with artifacts from various times in history. Built in 1929 by the Allen & Collens architectural firm, the castle was designed to be Hammond’s dream home. It was inspired by Medieval architecture and thus, is complete with a tower house, great hall, and much more. As of now, the massive structure has been converted into a museum where you can find relics from Roman, Renaissance, and Medieval times.

Main Street

Historic commercial buildings on Main Street in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts
Historic commercial buildings on Main Street in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts. Editorial credit: Wangkun Jia /

Main Street is one of the most happening places in Gloucester city. The street is filled with several things to do, ranging from restaurants for a quick meal to stores to fulfill all one's shopping needs. Located close to the shoreline, it is the perfect place to relax with one's friends and have a drink after a tiring day at the beach.

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