The beautiful, colorful coastal town of Parga, Greece.

8 Most Gorgeous Small Towns in Greece

Greece, renowned for its ancient history, sprawling islands, and exquisite cuisine, is also home to many picturesque small towns that often get overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of its more famous cities. These hidden gems, away from the tourist crowds, offer travelers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of Greek culture.

Explore eight of the most gorgeous small towns in Greece. Whether you're an avid traveler or just an armchair explorer, these destinations are sure to captivate your imagination.


View on Nafplio, Greece Building and street in Nafplio
Beautiful street in Nafplio, Greece.

Originally the first capital of Greece until 1834, Nafplio is a harbor town in the eastern part of the Peloponnese. Its charming streets, Venetian houses, and historic fortresses exude an old-world charm that draws visitors in.

The Palamidi Castle, perched atop a hill, offers panoramic views of the town and the surrounding bay. Stroll down the cobblestone streets, take in the sea breeze, and enjoy the local cafes and shops. If you are up for a bit of a challenge, the 999 steps to the top of the Palamidi Castle offer an unparalleled vantage point.


Monemvasia village in Peloponnese, Greece.
Overlooking homes in Monemvasia, Greece.

Often referred to as the "Gibraltar of the East," Monemvasia is a medieval fortress town on a small island off the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese. The town is famous for its stone-built houses, Byzantine churches, and ancient ruins. It's like stepping back in time.

Connected to the mainland by a causeway, this hidden gem is perfect for history buffs and those seeking serenity. The car-free streets, the aroma of fresh bread and olives in the air, and the mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea make Monemvasia a dream destination.


Galaxidi is a picturesque small village by the sea in south Greece
The picturesque town of Galaxidi, Greece.

Galaxidi, a picturesque coastal town on the northern shores of the Gulf of Corinth in Greece, offers a delightful blend of maritime heritage and timeless charm. Once a proud shipbuilding center, its history is clear in the meticulously preserved neoclassical mansions and the notable Maritime Museum.

The town's narrow cobblestone streets lead to quaint squares, where locals and visitors alike can savor traditional Greek delicacies in cozy tavernas. Overlooking the serene waters, Galaxidi boasts an ambiance of tranquility, making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Nearby, the majestic Parnassus National Park beckons nature enthusiasts with its rich flora and fauna.


Parga, a small Greek village near the Ionian sea, Greece.
Overlooking the coastal town of Parga, Greece.

Situated on the northwestern coast of Greece, Parga is a picturesque haven. Its vibrant, colorful houses, reminiscent of a painter's palette, cascade gracefully down the hillside, meeting the azure waters of the Ionian Sea.

Dominating the skyline, the ancient Venetian castle stands sentinel. From its barriers, you can even witness the stunning sunsets.

Parga's beaches, notably Valtos and Lichnos, offer pristine sands and tranquil waves, serving as perfect retreats for relaxation seekers. Meanwhile, the bustling waterfront, dotted with myriad restaurants and lively bars, ensures Parga pulses with energy from dawn till dusk.

Chora (on Folegandros)

A Beautiful old street with traditional houses village of Chora in Folegandros island, Cyclades, Greece
Chora on Folegandros island, Greece. Image credit Wirestock Creators via Shutterstock

Tucked away from the well-trodden paths of its famed Cycladic counterparts, Folegandros is a hidden gem that has eluded the clutches of commercial tourism. The heartbeat of this serene island is its main town, Chora, where time seems to stand still. Its labyrinthine alleys, flanked by immaculately whitewashed houses, come alive with the vibrant hues of blossoming bougainvillea.

The town's central square, humming with activity, boasts traditional tavernas where you can savor delectable seafood and age-old local recipes. The Church of Panagia, perched majestically atop a hill, mesmerizes visitors with its architectural beauty and unparalleled vistas of the shimmering Aegean.


Wooden boats at anchor in the harbor of Koroni, Greece
Harbor of Koroni, Greece.

Koroni sits gracefully on the southern tip of the Peloponnese, and its setting can rival any coastal town in Greece. Its splendid location, with panoramic vistas of the Messenian Gulf, bears silent witness to a storied past that has its roots in the Byzantine epoch.

The town's first greeting is the grandeur of the Venetian castle, standing tall and regal, a testament to ages long past. Meandering through Koroni, one is enchanted by the winding alleys decorated with vibrant bougainvillea, guiding visitors to quaint squares where time slows, and locals revel in leisurely kafedaki (coffee) sessions.

A stone's throw away, there are beaches like Zaga and Memi, with their crystalline turquoise waters and golden stretches, completing the town's alluring charm.

Mithymna (or Molyvos)

Best of Greece - scenic Lesvos island. Molyvos (Mythimna) town. view of marine with traditional boats and castle
Molyvos (Mythimna) town harbor in Greece.

Located in the northern part of the island of Lesbos, Mithymna is often considered the island's gem. Its terracotta-roofed houses are built amphitheatrically on a hill leading up to a majestic medieval castle. The cobbled streets, filled with artisan shops and local taverns, exude a unique atmosphere reminiscent of times gone by.

The harbor area is picturesque, with fishing boats docked alongside trendy cafes. The town's backdrop of dense forests and the azure Aegean Sea in front creates a landscape that's nothing short of spectacular. Mithymna also serves as a perfect base to explore the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site.


View of the picturesque coastal town of Pylos, Peloponnese, Greece.
The coastal town of Pylos, Greece.

Located on the southwestern coast of the Peloponnese, Pylos is a harborside gem overlooking the Ionian Sea. The dominating Niokastro castle is a testament to its strategic significance over the centuries. Additionally, Pylos' central square is a vibrant gathering spot, buzzing with cafes where locals enjoy their tsipouro (un-aged brandy) and mezedes (food).

Nearby, the pristine Voidokilia Beach, shaped like the Greek letter Omega, offers a tranquil retreat. The adjacent Gialova lagoon, a natural habitat for various bird species, further accentuates Pylos' blend of history and nature, making it a must-visit for any Greek odyssey.

Greece is much more than its iconic blue domes and sun-soaked beaches. These small towns offer a side of Greece that's intimate, authentic, and utterly enchanting. So, the next time you plan a Greek Odyssey, consider veering off the beaten path.

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