Richmond Indiana's Thistlethwaite Falls cascades over rocky ledges.

7 Small Towns in Indiana to Visit for a Weekend Getaway

A 3-day weekend in Indiana can be perfectly spent at any of these seven ideal destinations. Envelop yourself in the beauty of Thistlewaite Falls in Richmond and learn about the history of the Model T at the Model T Ford Museum. Feel the atmosphere of the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater and appreciate the artistic charm of the Carnegie Center for Art & History. Venture into outdoor adventures at Indiana Dunes National Park and State Park in Portage. Whether craving relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration, Indiana's diverse offerings form an ideal destination for a memorable weekend escape.


Main street in Hobart, Indiana
Main Street in Hobart, Indiana.

The Hobart Historical Society Museum displays artifacts and exhibits related to Hobart's past, revealing the town's rich history. Lake George offers opportunities for fishing, picnicking, or a leisurely stroll along the shores on a serene day. Nature enthusiasts can walk the trails at one of the rarest ecosystems in the state, the black-soil prairie at Cressmoor Prairie. The historic Hobart Art Theatre provides entertainment in a charming setting, with movie screenings and live performances. Broken Wagon Bison offers tours, allowing visitors a rare encounter with North America's largest native land mammal. Consider concluding your day with a stay at the Comfort Inn Hobart.


Richmond, Indiana, United States
Richmond, Indiana, United States.

In Richmond, Indiana, the Hayes Arboretum unfolds across 466 acres, offering hiking trails, a canopy walkway, and diverse ecosystems. The Richmond Art Museum exhibits a collection of American art, featuring regional and national artists. History enthusiasts can dive into the Model T Ford Museum, exploring the iconic history of vintage automobiles and early automotive artifacts. The Richmond Civic Theatre continuously hosts live performances, presenting a variety of plays and musicals. Outdoor enthusiasts can search for ancient fossils in riverside rock formations, admire Thistlewaite Falls, and complete the day at the Seldom Scene Meadow Bed & Breakfast.


St. Elijah Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

In Merrillville, The Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra hosts a variety of concerts at The Auditorium at Living Hope in Merrillville throughout the year. Deep River County Park offers several distinctive areas, including notable buildings such as Wood's Historic Grist Mill, a wedding gazebo, and Big Maple Lake, providing fishing opportunities and a lakeside trail. A day can be spent at Buckley Homestead, a living history farm under the care of Lake County Parks since 1983, featuring live animals and an old-fashioned schoolhouse. Consider concluding your day with a stay at Norwood Inn & Suites Merrillville.

New Albany

Bridge over the Ohio River, New Albany, Indiana
Bridge over the Ohio River, New Albany, Indiana

William Culbertson, Indiana's former wealthiest man, once resided in the Culbertson Mansion, which is now open for insightful tours at the Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site. The Carnegie Center for Art & History also offers tours to learn about the local history. The New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater hosts a variety of cultural and entertainment activities, such as events, concerts, and festivals, throughout the year. Dig into the geological history and views of the Ohio River by discovering the fossil beds and hiking trails at Falls of the Ohio State Park. Conclude your experience by finding solace at The Pepin Mansion Historic Bed & Breakfast, a 19th-century villa.


Indiana Dunes State Beach, Lake Michigan. Image credit HPK Images via Shutterstock
Indiana Dunes State Beach, Lake Michigan. Image credit HPK Images via Shutterstock

Found near the marvelous Lake Michigan, Portage appeals to outdoor enthusiasts with a variety of water activities, including fishing and boating. One of the highlights is the Indiana Dunes National Park and State Park, which stretches 25 miles along the south shore of Lake Michigan. The diverse habitats within the Indiana Dunes establish it as a premier location in the Midwest for birdwatching, with sightings of up to 350 different bird species. Engage with local talent featured in theater productions, comedy shows, and more at venues such as the significant Memorial Opera House. After a weekend of exploration, guests can find accommodation at Baymont by Wyndham Portage Indiana Dunes.

West Lafayette

Purdue Welcome Center at Purdue University
Purdue Welcome Center at Purdue University

The Elliot Hall of Music, one of the largest proscenium theaters globally, graces the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. It provides an excellent venue for those seeking to experience live performances of the arts. Nature enthusiasts can discover opportunities for hiking and walks while reflecting on the Native American village established in 1808 at Prophetstown State Park. Explore the historical significance of The Battle of Tippecanoe at its site, followed by a leisurely picnic in one of the many designated areas. For a refreshing escape from the ordinary, consider spending the weekend at the conveniently located Whittaker Inn, less than five miles from the Purdue University campus. 


Zionville street. Image credit Huy Williams via Wikimedia Commons.
Zionville street. Image credit Huy Williams via Wikimedia Commons.

Antique enthusiasts can discover Zionsville's Antique Alley for a treasure trove of vintage finds. The Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, placed in a notable building, showcases local art, history, and cultural exhibits, inviting visitors to dive into Zionsville's rich heritage. Zionsville, surrounded by green spaces and parks, offers outdoor enthusiasts options like hiking and biking. Eagle Creek Park and the Zionsville Rail Trail provide beautiful views and a tranquil retreat. Consider a stay at The Brick Street Inn in the heart of Zionsville for a cozy and elegant accommodation experience, immersing yourself in the town's ambiance and warm hospitality.

Venture on a 3-day weekend in Indiana, where these seven ideal destinations promise a perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. Admire the beauty of the Falls of the Ohio State Park in New Albany, uncover the history at the Richmond Art Museum, and experience the exciting atmospheres of The Richmond Civic Theatre and the Elliot Hall of Music. Each destination delivers an unforgettable experience. Whether enveloping yourself in nature at Eagle Creek Park or pursuing outdoor adventures in Zionsville, Indiana, ensures a distinct and memorable escape for a fulfilling weekend getaway.

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