The beautiful Brigham City, Utah.

7 of the Most Beautiful Historic Towns in Utah

Also known as the "Beehive State," Utah is a splendid place of discovery with stunning natural features and a unique cultural atmosphere. Indeed, with its indigenous and Mormon influence, Utah remains one of the most special States in America. For the history lover, Utah is a destination not to be missed, and several of its towns have fascinating stories and landmarks to discover. For a true feeling of living history, these historic Utah towns are second to none. So, begin your journey to the past and come see these charming and alluring historic Utah places firsthand!


Bountiful Temple In Bountiful, Utah
Bountiful Temple In Bountiful, Utah.

Located in Davis County, Bountiful is, like many in Utah, an early settlement by Mormon pioneers. First settled in the 1840s, today, just over 45,000 residents call Bountiful home, which is also Utah's 18th largest urban center. Located just some 12 miles from the state capital of Salt Lake City, Bountiful is a typical Mormon town where unique architecture and temples of worship can be found across the landscape. Surrounded by the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range, visitors can also enjoy the great outdoors here, and places like the nearby Mueller Park Canyon are lovely places to go biking, hiking, and camping. And, of course, with landmarks like the imposing Bountiful Temple, a true sense of place is felt when in this welcoming and historic Utah community.


Farmington, Utah.
The New City Hall in Farmington, Utah. Image credit: Ntsimp via Wikimedia Commons.

Formally incorporated in the 1850s, Farmington continues to have a rich Mormon faith population that can be seen across its unique architectural and conservative values. The seat of Davis County, Farmington, enjoys hot summers and cool winters and is stunningly framed by the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. Guests to this town of just under 25,000 inhabitants can enjoy a variety of tasty local restaurants, novelty shops, and other galleries, while a visit to the Clark Lane Historic District features several landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Ezra Clark House (1856). Here, the historic growth of Farmington and the role of Mormon pioneers in the founding of modern Utah are highlighted in an interactive and informative place for both casual and ardent history students.


Aerial view of Lehi, Utah.
Aerial view of Lehi, Utah.

The town of Lehi was incorporated in 1852 and named for the prophet in the Book of Mormon, and it maintains a fascinating historic ambiance. Situated just some 30 miles from Salt Lake City, in addition to several unique Mormon-style buildings and temples, visitors can explore such landmarks as the Hutchings Museum, the Thanksgiving Point Gardens, and the Lehi Roller Mills (1906), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And with great views of the Traverse Mountains and a comfortable year-round climate, Lehi is indeed a wonderful place to enjoy historic Utah and the stunning natural sights of the Western United States.

Spring City

An old schoolhouse in Spring City, Utah.
An old schoolhouse in Spring City, Utah. Image credit: C. Maylett via Wikimedia Commons.

As of the 2020 census, just under 1,000 residents call Spring City home, which can trace its foundational history to the year 1852. Like other towns on this list, Spring City is a great example of a Mormon settlement, and there is indeed no shortage of uniquely styled architecture and buildings to observe here. Including the Spring City Chapel and Schoolhouse (1899), these special edifices are noted for their symmetrical designs and large stone facades. Adding to Spring City's historic charm is the fact that the community, in its entirety, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places! A great place to spend a peaceful afternoon, strolling or driving quietly through the streets of Spring City is indeed an ideal way to experience the small-town USA, but with the added uniqueness of Mormon Utah.

Brigham City

Brigham City Utah LDS Temple
LDS Temple in Brigham City, Utah.

The seat of Box Elder County, Brigham City, was founded in 1851 and named for the first governor of the Utah Territory and religious leader, Brigham Young. Home to a modern population of just under 20,000 residents, the alluring Brigham City is beautifully nestled among the Westville Mountains, creating quite a stunning landscape. Visit the historic Main Street, where an abundance of Mormon-style buildings and other landmarks can be observed, while several inviting museums highlight the State's early years and growth. And do not forget about the nearby Golden Spike National Historical Park, which commemorates the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. Meanwhile, families will not want to miss the annual Peach Days Festival in September, where carnivals, parades, and, of course, loads of tasty locally-grown peaches fill one's day with endless hours of happiness.

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, Utah.
Beautiful homes in Mount Pleasant, Utah.

A modest community of just over 3,500 inhabitants, Mount Pleasant, was founded by Mormon pioneers in the 1860s. Filled with an old-fashioned feeling of the 19th century and located some 90 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Mount Pleasant welcomes guests with its assortment of Mormon-style buildings and genuine small-town charm. Visit such attractions as the Wasatch Academy School Museum or the Blacksmith Shop on Main Street, which not only highlight daily life in the 1800s but also the special contribution of the Mormons to the foundation of modern Utah. And, of course, with several cute shops, tasty locally-run restaurants, and plenty of small-town hospitality to be found here, visiting Mount Pleasant will certainly create a most pleasant experience.


Historical buildings in Panguitch, Utah.
Historical buildings in Panguitch, Utah. Editorial credit: DeltaOFF /

From a Native American word meaning "Big Fish," the town of Panguitch was settled by the Mormons in 1864, and today, it houses a modest population of nearly 1,800 residents. The seat of Garfield County, this historic town is beautifully situated in the Sevier River Valley and surrounded by stunning lake and mountain vistas. A well-known place for those who love to fish, bountiful populations of species like rainbow trout can be found in the small rivers and lakes of the area. Meanwhile, spending time at the historic district (which was added in its entirety to the National Register of Historic Places) is a great way to learn about the past. Visit numerous Mormon-style buildings and their distinctive brick facades, while several inviting local businesses and galleries fill out the rest for a most charming and alluring excursion in small-town Utah. 

Admitted to the Union in 1896, the "Beehive State" of Utah is indeed one of the most historic and culturally alluring in the Western United States. In fact, many of its fascinating small towns can trace their foundational history to before Utah's official statehood! With a special Mormon religious and cultural heritage and as a centuries-old indigenous dwelling place, Utah and its historic towns are undoubted gems to discover. From Mormon Temples to intriguing 19th-century museums and more, a visit to these most charming and alluring towns brings with it not only a history lesson but a time of great fun for all ages of travelers.

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