The World's Largest Cinemas

Kinepolis Madrid has 25 screens, and can sit 9,200 viewers.
Kinepolis Madrid has 25 screens, and can sit 9,200 viewers.

Kinepolis Madrid, based in Spain, holds the title of the largest cinema complex in the world. According to the Kinepolis definition, a megaplex is a cinema complex with at least eighteen screens and can seat 6,000 viewers at any given time. Kinepolis Madrid is the largest cinema complex worldwide as it can hold up to 9,200 viewers at once, and has twenty-five screens.

About Kinepolis Madrid

This well-known cinema complex started in 1997 and opened its doors for viewers in the September of 1998. Kinepolis Madrid cinema is owned and run by the Kinepolis Group, based out of Belgium. Kinepolis Group has 46 cinemas spread across countries as diverse as France, Spain, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, and Poland. Kinepolis Group attracts upwards of 24 million customers each year.

Apart from projecting movies, Kinepolis Madrid cinema, which looks like an amphitheater, also provides a meeting place for corporate events. Cocktail parties also take place here. It has a meeting space of about 25,000 square feet, with a seating capacity of around 800 people. This is an ample capacity for corporate clients, who desire to hold meetings in private and quiet venues.

Other Large Cinemas

Kinepolos owns several megaplex cinemas across Europe. It's other large theatres include Kinepolis Valencia in Spain with 24 screens and 8,000 seats, Kinepolis Antwerpen in Belgium with 24 screens and 7,368 seats, and Kinepolis Lomme in France with 24 screens and 7,286 seats.


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