Where Is The Celtic Sea?

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Cliffs near the Celtic Sea.

Where is the Celtic Sea?

So close to the majestic and more widely known Atlantic Ocean, it is no wonder that the Celtic Sea has been blanketed and is so hard to notice. Indeed, a cursory glance at the world map will reveal a lot of things: continents like Europe and Africa, large water bodies like the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, and more such prominent geographical features. To locate the Celtic Sea on the map, on the other hand, one has to actively search for it to actually see it. Even then, without knowing where to look, it might turn out to be quite the challenge.

Location Of The Celtic Sea

The Celtic Sea could be considered a part of the Atlantic Ocean. Since the Atlantic Ocean is largely visible on a map, the search will be narrowed down immensely. Next, it is near the Republic of Ireland which is just next to the United Kingdom. From there it is simple. The location of the Celtic Sea is to the south of the Republic of Ireland.

However, this still is not enough. To understand the exact location and limits of the sea, it is crucial to understand the features close by that mark its boundaries. It is not possible to simply tell where it begins and ends without understanding the areas around it. The biggest and most noticeable feature to mark its boundary is the Atlantic Ocean itself (in most maps the ocean and the sea are marked with different shades of blue to show the beginning of one and end of the other). To its east, the Celtic Sea is bordered most noticeably by the St. Georges Canal. The English Channel and the Irish Sea are also around the sea. Further away from the UK and closer to the Atlantic Ocean, it is bounded by the Bay of Biscay while the Bristol Channel is also near. The continental shelf, which is a landmass that stretches underwater from a continent and which forms a shallow basin in the ocean, helps to delimit the boundaries to the sea’s south and West. To further narrow it down using coordinates, then the Celtic Sea is located at 50⁰ North, 8⁰ West.

Why Is The Celtic Sea Named So?

To fully grasp the history of the Celtic Sea, it is of importance to know that it has four basin countries. Basin countries are the tributaries of the sea. Water from these four countries (England, Ireland, France, & Wales) drains into it. These four countries, together with Scotland would play a major role in choosing the name. Since the sea is surrounded by settlements with a Celtic heritage, the name was suggested by a man named EWL Holt in the year 1921 during a convocation of fisheries experts from the nations. The need for a uniform name among them all was due to the common marine life and biology of the sea.

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