Where is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam and its famous canals.
Amsterdam and its famous canals.

Where is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is found in the province of North Holland and is the capital city of Netherlands. Other cities in Netherlands include Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

In the 13th Century, Amsterdam was founded by two fishermen on a dam along River Amstel. This explains the city’s name and location.


Amsterdam is classified as a Municipality. It is governed by a Municipal Council, Executive Board, and a Mayor. The city divided into 15 Districts called Stadsdelen. The City has its own flag and Coat of Arms.


Amsterdam is the largest city and the most populous in North Holland. It hosts over 850,000 people who live in the city. A large population in Amsterdam was not born in the city. About 50% of the city is made up of foreign ancestry.


Inhabitants of Amsterdam and Netherlands as a whole speak Dutch. Dutch is also the official language of Netherlands. However, many people in Amsterdam also speak fluent English.


Christianity is the widely practiced religion in Amsterdam. The majority of the Christians subscribe to the Roman Catholic faith. Islam is rapidly growing in popularity and is predicted to become the largest within a few years. Less than 10% of the population in Amsterdam practice Buddhism and Hinduism.

A large population considers religion as a personal matter that should not be propagated in public. About 65% of the population has no religious affiliation. Atheism and Agnosticism are on the rise since they are considered non-controversial.

The Culture of Amsterdam

There are over 160 canals in Amsterdam. The 17th -century canal ring area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010. A total over 1200 bridges are found in Amsterdam. The Magere Bridge (Skinny Bridge) is the most famous in the City. The crossing of Reguliersgracht and Herengracht is known as the “Bridge of 15 Bridges.” A total of 15 arches can be viewed from this point hence the name “Bridge of 15 Bridges.”

Cycling is the widely used mode of transportation used in Amsterdam. The city offers a bike user- friendly environment such as bike racks, bike storage garages, and bike paths. The city’s flat terrain is also a contributing factor. Other modes of transport used in Amsterdam include cars, metro buses, air, and trams.

Amsterdam is the most popular tourist destination in Europe. The city is famous for its “live and let live” spirit. Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops, vast culture, Red-Light District, and historical sites such as Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House attract over 5 million tourists every year.

The climate of Amsterdam consists of mild winters. The months of June and August are warm with temperatures between 20-27 degrees Celsius. However, during winter, temperatures can drop below freezing.


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