What Is The Unique About The Cameron Falls Of Alberta?

Cameron Falls sits on the oldest rocks of the Canadian Mountain Range, dating to millions of years ago.
Cameron Falls sits on the oldest rocks of the Canadian Mountain Range, dating to millions of years ago.

The Cameron Falls of Alberta is one of the most scenic places to visit in Canada. The falls are situated in Waterton Park in the southwestern part of Alberta. In addition to flora and fauna, spectacular sites within this region have long been the source of attraction to many local as well as international tourists. One of the fascinating areas to visit is, of course, the famous Cameron Falls.

What Is Unique About the Cameron Falls of Alberta?

Cameron Falls is among the most remarkable sites within the Waterton Park. The falls are found in Waterton Village, and the place sits on the oldest rocks of the Canadian Mountain Range, known as the Precambrian rock, dating to millions of years ago. The rock has been exposed to the flowing water and is visible at the falls. Apart from this feature, the highly anticipated phenomenon is the period when the clear waters of the falls turn into red. This event occurs periodically, and those who have been lucky to capture the scenario have been astonished.

The Waterton Lakes are the source of water which flows down the Cameron Creek before flowing through the Cameron Falls. During heavy rains, the water from the lakes is crystal-clear as it descends the mountains. However, when it reaches the Cameron Falls, it starts gushing with red color. The river resembles a stream of blood down the stream. The falls, which is usually clear in most cases, is characterized by an eye-catching marvel.

This red sediment is called argillite and is associated with particular rocks, and the substance may be washed away due to the massive rains. As indicated earlier, the Cameron Falls lie on some of the oldest rocks. When these rocks are subjected to heavy rains, the pressure of the rainwaters removes the argillite deep within the rocks and washes it down the river. The resultant mixture of water and the sediments then gushes out of the rocks bearing a red color. Therefore, it results in red water flowing over the falls and down along the lower stream of the river.

Significance of the Cameron Water Falls

Cameron Water Falls is one of the fascinating sites to watch. As a result, it has attracted tourists from both Canada and abroad. The tourists are a source of income to the government which is then used to improve other facilities and infrastructure. Furthermore, Cameron Falls has attracted attention from researchers such as geologists. The red-coloring of water has led to further research and studies to determine reasons behind it. Consequently, these studies help in preserving nature for future generations. Moreover, the falls may be harnessed to provide hydro-electric power in the region.

Threats and Conservation

The Cameron Falls may be one of the best sites, however, the area faces some problems. Many people who visit this place may lead to encroachment of flora and fauna inhabiting there. Thus, the ecological imbalance may result from some organisms running away due to regular disturbance by the visitors.


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