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What is the Smallest State in the US?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a US state with a total area of 1,544.89 square miles. It is the smallest state that has a population of 1.056 million as per the 2016 census. The state is famous for its Colonial seaside towns and sandy shores. It also hosts most large cities, Newport being one of them. The capital city of Rhode Island is Providence, the city that hosts the state's points of interest such as Roger Williams Park, Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, and Brown University.

Origin of the name "Rhode Island"

Interestingly, the state is not an island, but it does contain many islands. The state is referred to as 'The Ocean State' since the significant portion of the state is water that surrounds the islands. Moreover, most of the famous regions are located in many of its islands. In fact, there is no place in Rhode Island lying thirty miles away from the salt water.

"Rhode Island" is just a name that most people use alongside the state's nickname, "Little Rhody." "The State of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations" is formal name of the state. It is the longest of all the formal states' names. One claim on the origin of the name "Rhode Island" is that Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italia explorer, gave the region the name after comparing it to the Isle of Rhodes, hence the name Rhode Island. Another claim is that the initial name of the area was "Rode Eyland" that Adriaen Block, a Dutch explorer, gave in 1614. Later, Englishman Roger Williams settled the claims and called the region "Rode Island," which in modern day; it is "Rhode Island."


The governor of Rhode Island is Gina Raimodo (D), the first female governor of the state since 2014. The legislature of Rhode Island has 38 and 75 members of Senate and the House of Representatives respectively. The dominating party of leadership in Rhode Island is the Democratic Party, but there are handful seats of Republicans in the state’s legislature. Jim Langevin and David Cicilline are the US Representatives of the state, while Sheldon Whitehouse and Jack Reed are Rhode Island’s US Senators.


A humid continental climate is prevalent in most parts of Rhode Island. The coastal and southern regions are the zones of transition into subtropical or temperate climates. Both the humid continental and temperate climates in the area have cold winters and warm summers. The subtropical and temperate climates additionally have the mix of snow and rain. The lowest and the highest temperature that has been recorded in the state is -31℃ and 40℃ respectively. The average high temperature of the state per month is 28℃ whereas average low temperature per month is -7℃.

Economic Importance of Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a home to big industrial businesses specifically the jewelry and silverware companies. Moreover, the state houses other important industries such as machinery, textiles, tourism and rubber products industries. Besides, Rhode Island is known for its strong ties to trade and the sea.

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