What Is the Capital of Missouri?

The state flag of Missouri.

The state of Missouri is located in the midwest United States, and is surrounded by grassy plains and the Ozark Mountains. Missouri is famous for having the tallest man-made monument in the United States, which is the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The capital city of Missouri is Jefferson City. The city ranks as the 15th largest in Missouri, is the seat of Cole County, and holds the title of the “Most Beautiful Small Town” in the United States. Jefferson City is home to Lincoln University, which was founded in 1866 and historically known for being a black land-grant university. Jefferson City’s sister city is Münchberg in Germany.

History of Jefferson City

During the pre-columbian era, Jefferson City was home to indigenous people called the “Mound Builders.” The Mound Builders were replaced by the Osage Indians. Later, the white settlers arrived and also settled in the area. Jefferson City was named the capital of Missouri in 1821, while Thomas Jefferson was still alive. The village was known as “Lohman’s Landing,” then “Missouriopolis,” before it was finally called “Jefferson City.” Initially a trading post, Jefferson City was incorporated as a city in 1825. Subsequently, it was chosen as the best site for the state prison, and in 1836 the Missouri State Penitentiary was officially opened. German immigrants later created vineyards in the small towns surrounding the Missouri river. The vineyards were called Missouri Rhineland, and are currently a major part of the state’s economy.

Economy of Jefferson City

Jefferson City was ranked the 5th Best Small City to Start a Business in 2017. The rankings examined 1,261 cities and considered factors such as prevalence of investors, corporate taxes, and office space affordability. The city is also known to have great career opportunities. Its top five employers include the State of Missouri, Jefferson City Public Schools, SSM Health-St. Mary’s Hospital, Capital Region Medical Center, and Scholastic. The transit network is critical in the economy of Jefferson City. The major public transit system is the JeffTran, and provides bus services daily during the business working hours all year round.

Notable People

Screenwriter William Rose, famous for his script "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," was born in the city of Jefferson. Professional basketball player Paul Miller was also born in Jefferson City. In addition, William Massey, expert in queuing theory, was born in Jefferson City. Other notable people include Charlie Brown, professional golfer John Daly, Lorenzo Greene, Kent Jones, and John Opel.

Tourist Attractions

Interesting sites to visit in Jefferson City include the Missouri State Museum, Lewis and Clark Monument, Joseph Miller Park, Jefferson Landing State Historic Site, Washington Park, and the North Jefferson Recreation Area. Some of the city’s best restaurants and hotels include Madison’s Café, Das Stein Haus, Alexandros, Sapphires Restaurant & Lounge, Longhorn Steakhouse, O’Donoghue’s Steaks & Seafood, and Dudley’s.


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