What Is the Capital of California?

The state flag of California.

Sacramento is the capital of California State. The City of Sacramento is seat of Sacramento County, and is located in the northern part of California's vast Central Valley, known as Sacramento Valley. The city's current population of about 493,025, which ranks as California's sixth-largest city. Sacramento is the economic and cultural hub of the larger Sacramento metropolitan area.

History of the Capital of California

Native Americans left inadequate proof of their existence in the territory where they probably lived for thousands of years. The Sacrament Valley, as well as the Sacramento River, was named by Gabriel Moraga, a Spanish explorer who came upon the area in 1808. John Sutter, with aid from his exploration party, erected Sutter's Fort in 1840 and founded a Mexican colony named New Helvetia. The fort became popular with immigrants passing the valley, and in 1847 Sutter contracted James Marshall to construct a sawmill. The receipt of 2,000 fruit trees enabled Sutter to cultivate an agricultural industry in the region. The discovery of gold in 1848 boosted the settlement's population, and Sutter initiated the development of the City of Sacramento, which was incorporated on February 27, 1850, making it the state's oldest incorporated city. Chinese immigrants flocked to the city during the 1840s and 1850s and contributed to the city's labor pool. Sacramento became California's capital in 1850, a status which triggered the city's prosperity.

Geography of Sacramento

Sacramento sits on an area of 100.1 square miles. 2.19% of this total area is water, and the remaining 97.81% is land. Sacramento's location is strategically situated at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers, and a channel via the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, which links the city's deep-water port to the San Francisco Bay. Most of the land located to the west of Sacramento is permanently reserved for an extensive flood control basin because of the city's historical susceptibility to floods.

Demographics of Sacramento

California's capital city is frequently ranked as one of the country's most diverse territories, and is recognized for its high racial and ethnic integration. The 2010 census reported a population of 466,488 and a racial makeup of white (45%), African American (14.6%), Asian (17.8%), Pacific Islander (1.4%), Native American (1.1%), and other races (12.3%). The Latino or Hispanic community of any race was 26.9% of the population, 22.6% had Mexican heritage, and 0.7% and 0.5% of the population had Puerto Rican and Salvadoran heritage, respectively. An LGBT population of about 10% makes Sacramento one of the top cities having the highest LGBT populations per capita in the nation.

Economy of Sacramento

The state of California and Sacramento County are the top employers in Sacramento City. The city’s health sector is another significant employer, and includes with institutions like UC Davis Health System, Sutter Health, Catholic Healthcare West, and Kaiser Permanente. Numerous companies operate in Sacramento, including Blue Diamond Growers, Intel, Teichert, Aerojet, and the McClatchy Company.

Government of Sacramento

Sacramento's government features the Sacramento City Counci,l complete with eight city council districts, in addition to the mayor of Sacramento. There are also many departments and appointed officials, including the city attorney and the city manager. Sacramento City is included as part of Sacramento County, whose government is characterized by a board of supervisors of five elected members, elected officials, such as the assessor and sheriff, and several entities and departments which are overseen by the county executive officer.


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