What Is A Tidal Creek In Geography?

A tidal creek can have a marsh-like appearance.
A tidal creek can have a marsh-like appearance.

A tidal creek refers to a small waterway that contains mixed water origin. It is the part of a stream that is affected by the ocean tides. A tidal creek is also called a tidal channel and has variable electrical conductivity and salinity. During low tides, the creeks may dry up forming a muddy channel. On the other hand, during high tides, they have large amounts of water. In some parts of the world such as Wales and southwest England, tidal creeks are referred to as “pills.”

Examples Of Tidal Creeks In The World

There are many tidal creeks in the world including Deep Creek, Gorai Creek, Vasai Creek, and Thane Creek. The Deep Creek is found in North Carolina State, US. It is within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Bryson City. Many tourists like to visit the park to enjoy hiking along the Deep Creek. Hiking involves the two Deep Creek-Indian Creek loop that is 5 miles long and Three Waterfalls Loop which is 2.4 miles. Tourists may also enjoy tubing down the Deep Creek. Additionally, the creek is open for camping from early April to late October.

Gorai Creek is located off the coast of Mumbai in India. A ferry ride from the creek to Global Vipassana Pagoda, Essel World amusement park, and Gorai Beach takes approximately 10-15 minutes. People can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gorai Creek from the Global Vipassana Pagoda.

Vasai Creek is a tidal creek in Thane, India. It is one of the distributaries of River Ulhas in Maharashtra State, western India. The Vasai Creek forms the northern boundary of Salsette Island. It empties into the Arabian Sea.

Thane Creek is an inlet located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It separates Mumbai City from mainland China. Thane Creek consists of two parts. The first part lies between Thane City and the Arabian Sea at Trombay. On the other hand, the second part covers Thane City to Ghodbunder. Seismic faults below it formed Thane creek. The Bombay Natural History Society recognizes Thane Creek as a significant bird area. The reason for this is that Thane Creek is home to many species of birds including a large population of flamingoes. Consequently, the bird area is commonly referred to as the Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary.

The Significance Of The Tidal Creeks

The tidal creeks perform various functions. First, they play a vital role in transmitting tidal signals. Secondly, the tidal creeks also transport chemicals such as salt between the coastal and marsh sea. Thirdly, they act as a link between the land and the sea. Besides, tidal creeks also connect freshwater streams to saltwater estuaries. Lastly, the tidal creeks perform sediment flocculation and metal transformations. The two functions transform contaminants as they move through the creeks. In the case of metal transformations, heavy metals initially in water attach themselves to suspended sediments. The transformations occur due to the changes in the salinity of the water.


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