What Do The Colors And Symbols Of The Flag Of Montenegro Mean?

By Vic Lang'at Junior on May 10 2018 in World Facts

The flag of Montenegro.

The state of Montenegro has come a long way since breaking away from Yugoslavia in 1992 and Serbia in 2006 after an Independence Referendum. Its flag consists of a red banner, which is complemented with golden edges around it. The Montenegro Coat of Arms is placed at the center. Like in many nations around the world, the flag is of vital importance to Montenegro citizens and their government. The law of state symbols published on July 12, 2004, and, which took effect the following day after publication backs up this significance.

History Of The Flag Of Montenegro

The flag of Montenegro has a rich history, and it was of several variants. The variants consisted of different colors and symbols. In historical battles like the battle of Vucji in 1876, the flag was red and had a white cross at the center. It was an adaptation to the Serbian flag of battle used by Serbian armies. In 1905, Montenegro was granted independence and the flag recognized by the constitution was composed of three colors, red, blue and white. These colors were used in making clothing of the common citizens of Montenegro. When Montenegro became part of Yugoslavia, the flag changed to the original tricolor of the past and a communist red star at the center to show the new communist philosophy it had adopted. After the end of communism, the red star was removed, and it remained a tricolor flag up to 2004 when the current flag was adopted.

Meaning Of The Flag Of Montenegro

The flag represents the culture of the people of Montenegro. The two-headed eagle with a crown shows the closeness of the church and the state. There is a shield at the center, which acts as a protection to the eagle. The shield has a lion at the center that symbolizes the lion of Judah. The gold crown atop of the eagle heads has a cross on top of them to show that the country subscribes to Christianity. The eagle holds a scepter and a blue orb, which are symbols of power and authority just like the gold crown) as well as the royal history. These two objects also have the cross on them. The red color might symbolize the blood of Christ given the attachment to that the country has. It is also the symbol of the blood that was shed in the quest for independence. The gold surrounding the red color on all edges also shows the royal heritage that it once had.

Uses Of The Flag Of Montenegro

The flag is an essential aspect of the country. Important buildings of the country like the residence of the president, foreign missions abroad, ministries and military facilities have this flag hoisted up high permanently. On important dates in the country, the flag is hoisted high to symbolize the independence of Montenegro. As a symbol of national unity, every Montenegro citizen reveres the flag. Military and police personnel salute the flag when it is hoisted.

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