What and When is World Turtle Day?

A Hawaiian green sea turtle.
A Hawaiian green sea turtle.

The World Turtle Day is an annual day marked to create awareness of tortoises and turtles. The day is also set aside to sensitize the masses and encourage them to take care and conserve the turtles and tortoises. The other chief purpose for the observance of this day is to help put measures that would help turtles and tortoises thrive successfully in their natural or adopted environment.

When Is World Turtle Day?

World Turtle Day is marked annually on May 23rd. In 2018, the day will be celebrated on a Wednesday May 23rd and will mark the 17th edition. The day has been marked annually since 2000 when it first began.

How Is World Turtle Day Celebrated?

World Turtle Day is celebrated in various ways in different parts of the world. The day is mostly commemorated by encouraging, teaching, and learning about turtles in classrooms. Curriculum developers are usually encouraged to incorporate in a few lessons about turtles. Schools are also provided with basic training on how to handle wild turtles and other related information. They are also also provided with basic tools that are meant to facilitate effective learning about turtles in a classroom setting.

The sponsors of World Turtle Day include the American Tortoise Rescue, which encourages the general public to conserve the environment that turtles and tortoises dwell in. Through conservation of their habitats, the lifespan and survival of the turtles would be increased. Over 4,000 sick, neglected or abandoned turtles have been rescued and sheltered in the name of World Turtle Day since its inauguration.

Organizations Promoting World Turtle Day

There have been a number of organizations that have been supporting and sponsoring World Turtle Day. Because of their support, World Turtle Day has turned out to be very successful and popular.

The chief sponsor of the day is the American Tortoise Rescue. The American Tortoise Rescue is a licensed non-governmental organization that is concerned with providing care to all species of tortoises and turtles. The organization is out to preserve turtles without any aims of acquiring a profit whatsoever. It also aims at making people aware of the endangered statuses of many species of turtles. The Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group has also been supporting the initiative by providing learning equipment and resources concerning the reptiles to schools.


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