US States With The Lowest Average Elevations

A view of the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, one of the lowest points in the state.
A view of the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, one of the lowest points in the state.

The elevation of US states may be described in various ways. Some of the common ways of describing elevation include the description by the highest point such as the highest peak, mountain or any natural feature. The second way of describing US elevation is by the lowest point such as valley bottoms or coastal elevations. Elevation can also be judged by the difference between the highest point and the lowest point. If only the highest point of elevation is considered then Alaska is the highest State in the US because of Mount Denali. However, if mean elevation is taken into consideration, then Colorado has the highest mean elevation. Some of the Coastal US states with the lowest mean average elevation include Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, and Washington DC.


Delaware is located in the southern part of the US and is bordered to the south and west by Maryland, New Jersey to the northeast and Pennsylvania to the north. Delaware covers a total area of 2489 square miles making it one of the smallest States in the US. Delaware is on a plain with the lowest mean elevation of 60ft (20m) above the sea level. Ebright Azimuth is Delaware’s highest elevation at 450 miles (140m) above sea level. Delaware has a transitional climate that supports a variety of vegetation especially mixed oak forest.


Florida, which translates to land of flowers, is located in the southeastern part of the US. Florida is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama to the north and Atlantic Ocean to the east. Florida receives snow due to its tropical climate however frost is more common than snow. Florida hosts diverse wildlife including marine mammals, reptiles, birds and several invertebrates. Britton Hill is Florida’s highest elevation at 345ft (105m) above sea level while the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico being the lowest elevation at sea level. The average mean elevation for Florida is 100ft (30m) above sea level.


Louisiana is located in the southern region of the US and is the 25th most populous state in the US. Louisiana State was formed from the sediments that were swept down by Mississippi River. It is bordered to the west by Texas and Arkansas to the north. The alluvial region of Louisiana includes coastal marshland, beaches, and swamp lands. Louisiana elevation ranges from 10ft (3m) above sea levels along the coast to 60ft (18m) above sea level in the alluvial regions. Driskill Mountain is the highest elevation of 535 ft (163m) above sea level while New Orleans has the lowest elevation of eight feet (2.4m) with the mean height of 100ft (30m) above sea level.

District of Columbia

District of Columbia, now known as Washington DC is the capital city of the US. DC has a total area of 68 square miles and is bordered by Maryland and the Virginia States. The natural elevation of DC is 409ft (125m) above sea level at Fort Reno Park while the natural lowest elevation is at Potomac River. DC mean elevation stands at 150ft (50m) above sea level.

Mean elevation is considered as the average elevation of the state. The highest elevation point is the highest point in the state and is usually identified by the hill or mountains. States that border water bodies like oceans, seas or lakes have their lowest elevation at sea level. California and Louisiana have their lowest points lower than the sea level.

US States With The Lowest Average Elevations

RankStateAverage Elevation (relative to sea level)
1Delaware60 feet
2Florida100 feet
3Louisiana100 feet
4District of Columbia150 feet
5Rhode Island200 feet
6New Jersey250 feet
7Mississippi300 feet
8Maryland350 feet
9South Carolina350 feet
10Alabama500 feet
11Connecticut500 feet
12Massachusetts500 feet

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