Top Vacation Destinations For Canadians

Canadians travel both domestically and internationally.
Canadians travel both domestically and internationally.

The growing population of Canada has seen citizens look for tourism destinations both locally and internationally. While the country boasts of having many places of interest including the largest coniferous forests in North America as well as the untouched tundra and Polar Regions in the north, Canadians have been seeking other destinations to visit beyond Canada’s borders. Statistics show the United States, the United Kingdom, and Mexico as the top tourist destinations for Canadians.

The United States

The proximity of the United States to Canada makes the country an ideal tourist destination for Canadians. Canadians are the second largest source of tourists to the United States, only after Mexico. The United States shares a long boundary with Canada (the longest in the continent) and over 20 million Canadians visited the US in 2015, spending CAD$20 million. The most popular of the destinations is Disneyworld in Florida which is the biggest theme park in the world and is a popular family holiday destination. Another popular site for Canadian tourists is Hawaii where Canadians escape their signature cold weather to experience beautiful tropical beaches and surfing, among other activities. Other holiday destinations include The Grand Canyon, New York, and Yellowstone National Park.


Mexico is a popular tourist destination for Canadians. Mexico is famed for its rich history and culture and attracts the second highest number of tourists in North America behind the US. The number of Canadians trooping into the country for its star attractions reached 1.6 million in 2014 making Canada its second highest source of tourists. In 2015, more than 1.9 million Canadians visited Mexico spending just short of CAD$3 million. The majority of the Canadians visiting Mexico is come for its warm tropical beaches including Acapulco Bay beach, Cancun Beach and the Cabo San Lucas. Another star attraction is the many annual festivals which take place particularly in the capital of Mexico City. Another must-visit site for Canadians while on holiday in Mexico is the Chichen-Itza, an ancient settlement site which features the Aztec pyramids.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the most popular holiday destination outside of North America for Canadians, with more than a 1.1 million Canadians visiting the UK annually. The United Kingdom has a rich history and heritage spanning several centuries and featuring several buildings and castles which attract Canadians interested in history. Sports are another attraction for Canadian visitors in the UK. The United Kingdom is known as the father of soccer, and its local English Premier League has a huge following in Canada so many soccer fans visit the UK to watch their favorite teams play in live matches.

Top Vacation Destinations For Canadians

RankCountry visitedPerson Visits (in thousands)Spending In The Country (in CAD$ millions)
1United States20,70219,929
3United Kingdom1,1921,714
7Dominican Republic487561
11Ireland, Republic Of254291
13Hong Kong243319

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