Top Motor Vehicle Producing Countries

A car being assembled in a motor-vehicle factory.
A car being assembled in a motor-vehicle factory.

The global automotive industry has seen a push in its sales as demand for motor vehicles are on the rise because people prefer them nowadays. According to the global market statistics, around 74 million automobiles are to be sold by the year 2016 and the 100 million units sales are going to exceed by the year 2020. There is an increasing demand for motor vehicles in Asian and North American countries. The carmakers have put up their concentration mostly on the Asian market as the sales in these countries have considerably increased in the past seven years.

Flourishing Motor Vehicle Industry in Top Countries

China is a leading motor vehicle producer in the world by producing more than 24 million motor vehicle production units and is followed by the US with more than 12 million motor vehicle production units and Japan with more than 9 million motor vehicle production units.


The motor vehicle production in China has increased considerably since the year 2009 and is ahead of European Union, US, and Japanese automotive industry. This production flourished in China as soon as it has entered into World Trade Organization in the year 2001, and the country produced over 13.79 million automobiles. In the year 2010, the sales and production of the Chinese automotive industry topped with 18 million units as more than 13 million passenger cars were delivered. In the year 2014, the estimation accounts for 26% of the global production of motor vehicles. According to a report, China’s automotive industry will increase by tenfold between the years 2005 and 2030.

United States

On the other hand, the US is currently the second largest motor vehicle producing country in the world as China overtook it in the year 2008. This industry is growing in the country as the three primary companies GMC, Ford and Chrysler dominated the market as they produced nearly three-quarters of automobiles in the world. However, in the recent years, the production has dropped as many foreign countries have established factories in the US. American industry was rated to be profitable in the year 2012, and as the automotive industry is on the verge of advancements, the profits will increase in the near future.


Japan stands on the third spot. Their investment in other countries has helped the country to flourish its market globally, and their motor vehicle designs carry a worldwide influence. Their automobile export has made the country to come to a profitable position and to deal with economic crisis.

Impact of Modern Automotive Designs on Environmental Issues

Motor vehicles contribute a large number of pollutants in the environment and are a major contributor to air pollution and noise pollution. They release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and a large number of hydrocarbons in the air. Even the painting and coating contributes towards severe environmental impact as through mold painting, it releases nickel, chromium, and copper in the atmosphere. Therefore, companies have come up with more eco-friendly designs for reducing the environmental pollution as the concept of hybrid cars or green vehicles that run on alternative fuels like ethanol or biodiesel, etc. is being introduced.

Top Motor Vehicle Producing Countries

RankCountryMotor Vehicle Production (units)
5South Korea4,555,957

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