The Volcanic Seven Second Summits

Monte Pissis in Argentina is the second highest volcano in South America.
Monte Pissis in Argentina is the second highest volcano in South America.

The Volcanic Seven Second Summits are the second highest volcanoes on each continent. The list of Volcanic Seven Summits includes the tallest volcanoes on each of the seven continents in order of elevation above sea level. Reaching the summit of all seven peaks is considered a formidable challenge for climbers.

7. Mount Hagen (Oceania)

Mount Hagen has an elevation of 12,395 ft and is the seventh highest of the Volcanic Seven Second Summits. Located in the Western Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, and part of the Hagen Mountains range, the mountain is considered part of Oceania. Mount Hagen is Papua New Guinea’s second tallest volcano, after Mount Giluwe. The mountain was previously much higher, but has been heavily eroded by glaciers over time.

6. Mount Erebus (Antarctica)

Mount Erebus has an elevation of 12,448 ft and is sixth highest of the Volcanic Seven Second Summits. The mountain is located on Ross Island in Antarctica. Mount Erebus is the southernmost active volcano on Earth. The first ascent to the summit of Mount Erebus occurred in 1908. The mountain was also the site of a major air crash incident that claimed many lives, and debris from the crash remains visible from the air when the snow begins to melt during summer months.

5. Kazbek (Europe)

Mount Kazbek is a dormant stratovolcano located in the Khokh Range of Europe's Caucasus Mountains, on the border between Russia and Georgia. The mountain has an elevation of 16,558 ft and is the second highest volcanic summit in the Caucasus Mountains. Glaciers cover a total area of 135 square km of the mountain. Georgian folklore associated with Amirani is linked to Mount Kazbek. The first ascent to the summit of Mount Kazbek was recorded in 1868.

4. Mount Ararat (Asia)

Turkey's Mount Ararat has an maximum elevation of 16,854 ft and is fourth highest of the Volcanic Second Seven Summits. Mount Ararat is a dormant compound volcano with two volcanic cones, and its last eruption occurred on July 2, 1940. The mountain is part of the Armenian Highlands. The first recorded ascent to the summit of the mountain was made in 1829.

3. Mount Kenya (Africa)

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain and the third tallest of the Volcanic Seven Second Summits. Its highest peak, Batian, has an elevation of 17,057 ft above sea-level. The mountain is located in the heart of Kenya and is a stratovolcano with highly eroded slopes. The mountain has 11 small glaciers and is the source of numerous rivers. It also hosts many ecosystems whose nature varies with altitude from the base of the mountain. Several endemic species inhabit Mount Kenya. The mountain falls within Mount Kenya National Park and is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Popocatepetl (North America)

Mexico's Popocatépetl has an elevation of 17,802 ft above sea level and is the second tallest Volcanic Seven Second Summit. Popocatépetl is also Mexico’s second tallest mountain, and the active stratovolcano is part of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. Although the volcano was glaciated in the past, climate change and volcanic activity have resulted in the loss of glaciers on the mountain. Although ice currently covers parts of Popocatépetl, it does not exhibit the characteristics typical of a glacier. It is Mexico’s most active volcano and has a history of several eruptions in recent times.

1. Monte Pissis (South America)

Located in Argentina's La Rioja Province, Monte Pissis has an elevation of 22,287 ft and is the highest of the Volcanic Seven Summits. The mountain also ranks second on the list of Seven Second Summits. Monte Pissis features a massive glacier ridden with crevasses, which stands in stark contrast to the surrounding landscape of the Atacama Desert.

The Volcanic Seven Second Summits

1Monte Pissis6,793 m (22,287 ft)2,138 m (7,014 ft)South AmericaArgentina
2Popocatepetl5,426 m (17,802 ft)3,020 m (9,908 ft)North AmericaMexico
3Mount Kenya5,199 m (17,057 ft)3,825 m (12,549 ft)AfricaKenya
4Mount Ararat5,137 m (16,854 ft)3,611 m (11,847 ft)AsiaTurkey
5Kazbek5,033 m (16,512 ft)2,353 m (7,720 ft)EuropeGeorgia and Russia
6Mount Erebus3,794 m (12,448 ft)3,794 m (12,448 ft)AntarcticaNew Zealand
7Mount Hagen3,778 m (12,395 ft)>900 m (3,000 ft)OceaniaPapua New Guinea

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