The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the World

The amazing Victoria Falls, found along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The amazing Victoria Falls, found along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

14. Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls are one of the best awe-inspiring sights in the world. They are located in Iguazú National Park, which is shared by both Argentina and Brazil. The falls were discovered in 1541 by a Spanish explorer known as Alvar Núnez Cabeza de Vaca. Their beauty recently earned a place as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Nature. Tourists have the unique opportunity of experiencing panoramic views from the Iguazu Falls footbridge.

13. Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is a combination of three waterfalls: American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. It is located on the border of Canada and the US. Niagara Falls is an important source of hydroelectric power. Niagara Falls is a beautiful sight to behold and a perfect spot for honeymooners. It receives the highest number of tourists during summer season.

12. Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls are located along Zambezi River which is shared between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was named after Queen Victoria by a Scottish missionary called David Livingstone. It has an awe-inspiring grandeur and beauty matched by no other. Victoria Falls is the only waterfall in the world that is more than one kilometer long. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

11. Khone Phapheng Falls

Khone Phapheng Falls is found in the Champasak province along River Mekong near Cambodia. It is surrounded by thousands of islands which is the reason it has been nick-named “The 4,000 islands.” The Khone Phapheng Falls are the largest and most magnificent falls found along the Mekong. It is pure and gushes out millions of water every second.

10. Seljalandfoss

Seljalandfoss is a waterfall found in the southern part of Iceland. According to the National Land Survey of Iceland, the Seljalandfoss is 65 meters high. It is located along the Seljalands River and is famous for being one of Iceland’s natural wonders. Visiting the falls during sunny days gives one a chance to see the rainbow. Furthermore, Seljalandfoss has a breathtaking small cave which tourists often walk into.

9. Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls has a height of 268 metres. It is found in the northern parts of Australia in the state of Queensland. The Wallaman Falls is located within Girringun National Park and flows over the Seaview Range escarpment. It is fun visiting the falls between April and September when the weather is fairly good. Wallaman Falls is Australia’s tallest single-drop waterfall which receives about 100,000 tourists annually.

8. Kalandula Falls

Kalandula Falls are located within Kalandula municipality in the province of Malanje in Angola.They measure 105 meters high. It is more fun visiting the falls during the rainy season because the stream is more powerful at that time. Kalandula Falls are among the largest waterfalls in Africa by volume.

7. Angel Falls

Angel Falls was named after a US aviator called Jimmie Angel. The name was derived from a Pemon word meaning the “waterfall of the deepest place.” Angel Falls is the highest uninterrupted fall in the world at 979 metres in height. It can be found in Guiana Highlands in South East Venezuela. Visitors who visit the fall engage in activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and trekking.

6. Maletsunyane Falls

The mighty Maletsunyane Falls is a waterfall located in a Southern African country called Lesotho in Semongkong town. It is 192 meters high and causes a haze of smoke as it plummets through Maletsunyane River. The magnificent waterfall is famous for the reverberating echo that it makes as it flows. A myth that explains this echo says it’s the wailing of people who drowned in the falls.

5. Jog Falls

Also known as Gerosoppa Falls, Joga Falls is found in the state of Karnataka, India. It is a major tourist destination in the country. In fact, the waterfall database has ranked Jog Falls as the 11th best waterfall in the world. Thin streams of water trickle down the cliff as the Jog Falls flows through the Sharavathi River. It is inspiring to watch the water drooping at a height of 253 meters. Jog falls is also important to the energy sector as it is used to form a dam for generation of hydroelectric power.

4. Shifen Falls

Shifen Falls is 20 meters high and is located in Taiwan, Pingxi district. It is nicknamed the “rainbow pond” because of its spectacular colour and is also sometimes called the “Niagara of Taiwan.” The scenic waterfall is the broadest fall as it is 40 meters wide. Shifen Falls is a renowned cascade waterfall and the most famous in Taiwan.

3. Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is located in Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon at Arizona State in the US. It is characterized by its vivid blue-green color that is formed by the high concentration of calcium carbonate in the water. The falls form the travertine dams and is the most visited compared to the other falls on the Havasu Creek. Tourists can swim behind the Havasu Falls, but need to be extremely careful since drownings have taken place in the past.

2. Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls has a height of 212 feet and is located on the Snake River, southern Idaho in the United States. It is a natural beauty which was formed by a catastrophic flood 14,000 years ago. Apart from its beauty, the falls helps in irrigation and generation of hydroelectric power.

1. Russell Falls

Arguably the most beautiful waterfall in Tasmania, Russell Falls is also the most photographed. It is located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania in Australia. Initially it was known as the Brownings Falls. The name was later changed to Russel Falls after 1884 when it became a popular tourist destination. Glow worms are common in Russel Falls during the night.


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