The Largest Art Museums in the United States

Editorial credit: Nick Starichenko / The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
Editorial credit: Nick Starichenko / The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The USA prides itself for being home to several museums that are aligned to the preservation and conservation of the artistic works of both local and international artists. The following is a list of the largest museums in the United States by land area.

The Largest Art Museums

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the country, occupying an area of 633,100 square feet. The main pieces of art work preserved in this museum are those of classical antiquity together with artworks from ancient Egypt. Others include paintings and sculptures drawn from Europe and modern art works which are proudly designed and developed by the local American artists. The museum came into existence in the year 1870 with the intention of promoting art as part of the school curriculum.

Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago is home to an art institute of their own. The museum measures 280,000 square feet in area and its foundation was back in the year 1879. It is documented as one of the oldest museums in the USA. The museum is known for drawing mammoth crowds of visitors locally and internationally. The museum is more inclined to the preservation of scientific works hence acts as a catalyst to enhance research work for the American Scientists.

National Gallery of Art

This gallery museum is undoubtedly the largest in the state of Washington DC measuring 271000 hence a major and significant landmark in the city. The gallery museum is easily accessible due to the act by the government to make entry free. It was established in the year 1937 and play host to collections from paintings, prints, photography works, spectacular drawings and popular medals of national heroes and heroines to the state and country at large.


This art museum is located in the city of North Adams in Massachusetts. Initially, the building that plays host to this museum was a factory before its conversion into a gallery. The museum's main focus is centered on the promotion of contemporary art.


The art museums in the USA are playing a vital supportive role to the artworks developed by the local and international artists

The Largest Art Museums in the United States

Rank´╗┐Museum NameLocationSize (Square Feet)
1Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York, New York633,100
2Art Institute of ChicagoChicago, Illinois280,000
3National Gallery of ArtWashington, D.C. 271,000
4MASS MoCANorth Adams, Massachusetts 249,990
5Museum of Fine ArtsBoston, Massachusetts 221,000
6Minneapolis Institute of ArtMinneapolis, Minnesota188,000
7San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtSan Francisco, California170,000
8Denver Art MuseumDenver, Colorado160,000
9Philadelphia Museum of ArtPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania160,000
10Dia:BeaconBeacon, New York160,000
11Dallas Museum of ArtDallas, Texas159,000
12Detroit Institute of ArtsDetroit, Michigan150,000
13Indianapolis Museum of ArtIndianapolis, Indiana143,000
14Brooklyn MuseumNew York, New York140,000
15Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsRichmond, Virginia135,000
16Cleveland Museum of ArtCleveland, Ohio133,000
17Houston Museum of Fine ArtsHouston, Texas130,000
18Milwaukee Art MuseumMilwaukee, Wisconsin128,000
19Museum of Modern ArtNew York, New York125,000
20Portland Art MuseumPortland, Oregon112,000
21Carnegie Museum of ArtPittsburgh, Pennsylvania110,000
22Saint Louis Art MuseumSt. Louis, Missouri110,000
23Smithsonian American Art MuseumWashington, D.C. 95,000
24Toledo Museum of ArtToledo, Ohio86,000
25de YoungSan Francisco, California85,000
26Nelson-Atkins Museum of ArtKansas City, Missouri85,000

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