Countries With Natural Disasters

Natural disasters affected the lives of millions of people in 2014 alone. Likely due in part to their large total areas, China and the United States claimed the most such events occurring within their borders that year.

In 2014, of all regions on Earth, Asia bore the worst of natural disasters’ brunt, as 48% of all globally reported disasters that year struck the world’s most populous continent. Nonetheless, statistics tell us that 2014 wasn’t really an especially severe year in terms of dealing with the wrath of Mother Nature. There were no powerful hurricanes comparable to 2012’s Sandy or 2005’s Katrina in the U.S., no powerful earthquakes to match the one in Haiti that killed nearly 200,000 people in 2010, nor a single catastrophic event like the Asian tsunami of 2004 that took the lives of 300,000 people.

Measuring Regional Impacts

Still, the damaging work of natural disasters continued to remain busy enough for our liking in 2014, and several countries around the world were hit by significant natural disasters that year. From wildfires in California to a volcano in Hawaii and a typhoon in the Philippines, 2014 witnessed a fair share of extreme weather and other natural disasters that will go down in the history books for generations to come. EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, has compiled a list of countries afflicted the most by natural disasters in 2014, and subdivided them by type of event. In the list, the breakdown of the number of climatological, geophysical, hydrological, and meteorological disasters that occurred in the given countries are each respectively listed, along with grand totals encompassing them all.

Overview of Regional Natural Disasters in 2014

According to the database, China was the country that experienced the highest number of natural disaster events in 2014. The country registered two climatological disasters (droughts), eight geophysical disasters (earthquakes), fifteen hydrological disasters (floods and landslides) and fifteen meteorological disasters (storms) all within their borders in 2014 alone. With Mother Nature hitting them so forcefully so often, it’s no wonder China is on number one on this list. Next in line is the United States, as it experienced two climatological disasters, one geophysical disaster, three hydrological disasters, and fourteen meteorological disasters in 2014. These included a heavy snowstorm buffeting Buffalo, New York and the Great Lakes region, a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona, and tornados that struck Louisiana, Nebraska, Florida, Oklahoma, Illinois and North Carolina alike.

Japan also received its fair share of natural disasters in 2014. The database shows that Japan experienced two geophysical disasters, one hydrological disaster, and ten meteorological disasters. The island nation did not experience any climatological disasters, however, in 2014. Japan is then followed by the Philippines, with the country having had one geophysical disaster, three hydrological disasters, and nine meteorological disasters in 2014. The list is continued by countries like India, that faced extreme floods in 2014, and subsequently Mexico, France and Thailand.

A Never Ending Threat

On a global scale, irrespective of her frequency or strength of blows, Mother Nature is apparently always at work. There is not a single year that passes by without different countries around the world experiencing natural disasters of some sort that disrupt their citizens and infrastructure, and 2014 was obviously no exception.

Countries With Natural Disasters

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RankCountryClimatological DisastersGeophysical DisastersHydrological DisastersMeteorological DisastersTotal Disasters
2United States2131420

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