Tallest Mountains In Syria

The peak of Mount Hermon is the tallest that can be found in Syria.
The peak of Mount Hermon is the tallest that can be found in Syria.

Syria is a country in the Middle East bordering Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey and has a mean elevation of 1,686 feet. The highest point is mount Hermon with an elevation of 9,232 feet. The capital city of Syria is Damascus and it is located in an oasis that is fed by River Barada. It is one of the oldest continously inhabited cities in the world. The mountains in Syria have played a significant role in wars and confrontations between Syria and Lebanon and also as watching points for military activities. The mountains are also home to a number of animal and plant species. Syrian mountains also exert an influence on the climate of the surrounding region through winds, precipitation, and temperatures. These mountainous areas are also important water catchment areas.

Tallest Mountains In Syria

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon is the tallest mountain in Syria with an elevation of 9,232 feet. The mountain is shared on the border between Lebanon and Syria. Mount Hermon has three summits which includes the Hermon Nature Reserve. The mountain has other important features such as snow falls, Jurassic limestone and sources of important rivers such as the Jordan. The mountain was important in the ancient biblical times and has been mentioned in the Bible. The mountain has many temples such as the Qasr Antar.

Wadi Hajar

Wadi Hajar is the second tallest mountain in Damascus, Syria at an elevation of 8,537 feet. The mountain is found near the Anti-Lebanese range. Like other mountains in Syria, Wadi Hajar has been important in the battles and confrontations between Lebanon and Syria. Peaks and ranges within the vicinity of the Wadi Hajar include Tal’at Musa, Jabi Nabi Baru, Jabal al Ithnany and Harf ath Ithnayn.

Chaghour Ed Dahab

Chaghour Ed Dahab is the third tallest mountain in Damascus and Syria with an elevation of 8,400ft. The mountain is located in the city of Darayya which was an important part of the Syrian civil war where a large number of people were massacred. The mountain is found near several other peaks including Mount Hermon, Jabal Tonnoura and Jabal al Kharshunah.

Tal’at Musa

Tal’at Musa is the fourth tallest Syrian mountain with an elevation of 8202 feet. The mountain is a part of the Anti- Lebanon range between the Syrian and Lebanese border. During most times of the year, the mountain peak is covered with snow. The mountain is home to many endemic plants such as those of the antillibanotica species. The mountain is characterized by thin soils, arid climate and steep slopes making it unattractive for settlement. The slopes and areas around the mountain are economically important in nomadic herding.

Role of mountains in Syria

Syrian mountains have a great significance among various Syrian groups. Some of these mountains are considered sacred. Other mountains are important mineral sources with deposits such as phosphates. The mountains, especially on the Anti- Lebanese ranges, are important trading and invasion routes during various wars between Syria and Lebanon. The slopes of the mountains dictate the density of the population in the surrounding areas. Those with dry winds and arid areas or volcanic slopes are sparsely populated while those that have arable lands and water supply are densely populated and exploited for irrigation and agriculture. Other tall mountains in Syria include Jabal Abu Baruh, Jabal Al Ithnayn, Qornet El Boustane, Jabal Halimah, Ar Rajur and Shaqif.

Tallest Mountains In Syria

RankTallest Mountains in SyriaElevation
9,232 feet
2Wadi Hajar
8,537 feet
3Chaghour ed Dahab
8,400 feet
4Tal'at Musa
8,208 feet
5Jabal Abu Baruh
8,170 feet
6Jabal al Ithnayn
7,898 feet
7Qornet el Boustane
7,780 feet
8Jabal Halimah
7,766 feet
9Ar Rajur
7,745 feet
7,732 feet

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