Tallest Mountains In Mozambique

The peak of Binga, the highest point in Mozambique.
The peak of Binga, the highest point in Mozambique.

Mozambique is a country in southern Africa bordered by six other countries. Namely, these neighbors include Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and South Africa, it borders the Indian ocean to the west and has one the longest coastlines in Africa. The country was colonized by the Portuguese from 1505 for four centuries till 1975 when the country gained its independence. It was declared the people’s Republic of, Mozambique and after the civil war in 1977 the country has managed to remain peaceful. It has a very low gross domestic product (GDP) and has been declared one of the poorest countries in the world with a population of 24.7 million covering an area of 309,496 square miles.Mozambique is rich with natural resources and great scenery due to the topography.


Mount Binga is located on the border between Mozambique and Zimbabwe in the Mozambican province of Manica. It is the tallest mountain in the country with a height of 7,992 feet. The mountain has a gray, desolate rocky appearance with places on some parts steep of the mountain. Its peak is curved into a dome-shape. It is a rocky mountain with little scattered vegetation at the peak. When climbing, the top of the mountain gives a very incredible view of the Mozambique plans and a glimpse of the Indian Ocean on an easterly bearing.


Mount Namuli is the second highest mountain in the country. It is located in the Province of Zambezia and has a height of 7,936 feet. A British consul, O'Neill discovered it in 1886. According to historical records, the tropical rainforest covered the region, but due to the clearing of land for cultivation, the rainforest has been wiped out. Indigenous plants cover the tip of the plant. Several species of animals inhabit the mountain among them indigenous species that have adapted to the ecosystems of the mountain.


Mount Currarre is found in the Zambezia region and has a height of 6,781 feet. It is the second highest mountain in Zambezia province after Namuli, and the third highest in the country.


Mount Panga is the fourth highest mountain in the country with a height of 6,496 feet. It is situated near Penhalonga in the Manicaland region.


Mount Nhandore is the seventh highest mountain in Mozambique with a height of 6,112 feet. It is located in the Sofala region and is the tallest mountain in that region.


Mount Zombue is a mountain with a height of 6,089 feet above mean sea level. It is located in Sofala, Mozambique, and it is the second highest mountain in Sofala region. The weather is unpredictable here, and there are considerable variations in cloud cover, temperatures, speeds of wind, and levels of precipitation.

Serra Chiperone

Mount Serra Chiperone is the sixth highest mountain in Mozambique at an elevation of 6,739 feet. It is ranked as the third highest in the Zambezia region after Mount Namuli and Mount Curarre.


Mount Mepulo is located near the Mwanza region in neighboring Malawi. It is the ninth highest mountain in Mozambique with a height of 6,070 feet, and it is located near Monte Negumbe.

Environmental Threats to Mozambican Mountains

The mountains in Mozambique shape the climate of the county and provide habitats for a large number of wildlife species inhabiting their slopes, peaks, and underlying valleys and foothills. Deforestation is the greatest threat facing these regions and the government and conservationist are working to reduce the impact of this act. As human population continue to grow, there is need for agricultural land and many are turning to these mountains for the land.

Tallest Mountains In Mozambique

Rank Tallest Mountains in Mozambique Elevation Above Mean Sea Level
1 Binga 7,992 feet
2 Namuli 7,936 feet
3 Currarre 6,781 feet
4 Serra Chiperone 6,739 feet
5 Panga6,496 feet
6 Gorungue 6,191 feet
7 Nhandore 6,112 feet
8 Zombue 6,089 feet
9 Mepulo 6,070 feet
10 Serra Nhatoa6,070 feet

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