Tallest Mountains In Malawi

Mountainous landscapes can be found throughout Malawi.
Mountainous landscapes can be found throughout Malawi.

Malawi has several mountain peaks in the southern region, many of which are vital to the communities living near them. The tallest mountain is Mount Mulanje, rising to 9,849 feet above sea level. It is the most significant mountain peak in Malawi. It has a unique ecosystem and important for the extensive tea fields in Mulanje district.

Tallest peaks

Mulanje (Sapitwa)

Mulanje is the tallest mountain in Malawi and belongs to the World Country High Points Challenge peak list. The mountain is 9,849 feet above sea level at the highest Sapitwa peak. It is located east of Blantyre and surrounded by the plains of Chiradzulu. The mountain climate is suitable for tea-growing and the region is made up of deep forest ravines. The Mulanje massif is made up of erosion-resistant igneous rock that is thought to have been formed about 130 million years ago. There is a thriving timber industry along the forested slopes of Mt. Mulanje. Native plant species include the Mulanje cypress (Widdringtonia whytei) which is currently endangered due to heavy logging.


Mt.Nakodzwe is the second-highest peak in Malawi at 9,466 feet. It is located in the southern region of Malawi in Mulanje district. It is near Mulanje forest reserve.


Dzole is the third highest peak at 8,928 feet. It is located in the southern region of Mulanje district. Mount Dzole is protected under Mulanje forest reserve.


Namasile peak is the fourth highest peak in Malawi at 8,602 ft. It is near Phalombe, Malawi.

Other mountains in Malawi

Other peaks include Vitumbi, Tsunga, Matambale, Manene, and Chinzama. All of them rise above 8,000 feet.

Tallest Mountains In Malawi

RankTallest Mountains in MalawiElevation
1Mulanje (Sapitwa)9,849 feet
9,466 feet
8,928 feet
8,602 feet
8,563 feet
8,315 feet
8,283 feet
8,247 feet
8,155 feet
8,047 feet

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