Tallest Mountains In Madagascar

The peak of Maromokotro is the highest point on the island nation of Madagascar.
The peak of Maromokotro is the highest point on the island nation of Madagascar.

Madagascar is the 46th largest country in the world in total area with a land mass spreading across approximately 593,000 square kilometers. The country split from what is now the Indian Subcontinent around 88 million years ago and drifting across the Indian Ocean, with its plants and animals evolving in isolation on the island. The lush tropical island of Madagascar is diverse with several beaches, rainforest, limestone pinnacles of Tsingy, and mountains among other natural beauties. The mountain range in Madagascar run from north to south some of which are located within national parks and reserves. The highest peaks of Madagascar rise from Massifs Highland with Maromokotro in the Tsaratanana being the highest elevation on the island at 2,876 meters above the sea level. Some of the tallest mountains on the island of Madagascar are looked at below.


Maromokotro is the highest peak in Madagascar at an elevation of 9,436 feet above sea level. The mountain is located in the Tsaratanana Massif which is near Bealanana. Maromokotro is also the highest mountain in Antsiranana. The mountain is located inside the Tsaratanana Reserve which is a protected area. Mount Maromokotro is an important source of water for the surrounding area and a major source of some of the rivers including Bermarivo River, Mahavavy River, and Sambirano River. The summit of the mountain sometimes covered with snow which disappears during the summer. Mount Maromokotro is not very popular with climbers and tourist because of its remote location. However, it has stunning waterfalls and offers a tranquil environment for those who manage to get to it. The mountain was first climbed in 1936 by a French explorer. There is a small cairn on its summit from where one can have a wonderful view of the island.


Boby is the highest peak at Andringitra Massif at an elevation of 8,045 feet. The peak is the major attraction in the Andringitra National Park. It is also the second highest mountain and the highest climbable in Madagascar. Mount Boby was named by a French explorer after a dog who is believed to be the first to reach its summit during the first expedition. The name was found to be offensive by the Malagasy who considered the mountain sacred and changed the name to Imarivolanitra which means “close to the sky.” However, the name Boby is still common even among the locals. The mountain has twin waterfall which tumbles down a granite rock. The two waterfalls have a rich history of the surrounding area. From the summit of Mount Boby, one is able to see the neighboring Tsaranoro Massif and the mountain ranges which stretches to the Indian Ocean. The mountain has very little vegetation except for the palm which is found from 2000 meters above sea level.


Mount Tsiafajavona is located in the volcanic mountainous region of Ankaratra in central Madagascar. The mountain rises to 7,856 feet above the sea level making it Madagascar’s second highest peak after Boby. The mountain was named by the locals Tsiafajavona because of the fogs which cover the mountain most of the time. Mount Tsiafajavona is famous for hiking due to its proximity to Ambatolampy town. The mountain has a poor biodiversity with tall grasses and a few scattered trees found on it. There are no significant mammals in the mountain regions.

Madagascar Mountain Facts

The smallest mountain range in Madagascar is the Andringitra Range which lies at the southern end of the island. Meanwhile, the Ankaratra Range, which is comprised of extinct volcanoes, lies in the center of the island. Most of the mountains in Madagascar are poorly explored due to their remote location. Most of the mountains are made up of granite and limestone rocks which are also valuables in Madagascar. However, tourists visiting some of the parks such as that surrounding Tsaratanana have the opportunity to climb some of these fascinating mountains.

Tallest Mountains In Madagascar

RankTallest Mountains in MadagascarElevation
9,436 feet
8,045 feet
7,856 feet
7,804 feet
5Rochers d' Antranovato
7,672 feet
7,332 feet
7,239 feet
7,165 feet
7,128 feet
7,007 feet

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