The Tallest Mountains in Azerbaijan

Shahdagh, the second-highest mountain in Azerbaijan.
Shahdagh, the second-highest mountain in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is dominated by three physical features including the Caspian Sea, the Greater Caucasus Mountains, and the extensive flatlands at the center of the country. The country is home to a vast variety of landscape with over half of the country consisting of mountain ridges, crests, and plateaus. There are three mountain ranges in the country covering 40% of its land area. These mountain ranges are the Greater Caucasus, the Lesser Caucasus, and the Talysh Mountains. The highest point in Azerbaijan is at Mount Bazarduzu at an elevation of 14,562 feet above sea level.

Tallest Mountains in Azerbaijan


Mount Bazardüzü is the highest peak in the Greater Caucasus Range and the highest mountain in Azerbaijan. The mountain is located on the border of Russia and Azerbaijan on the southernmost part of Russia. Mount Bazardüzü has a relatively flat top while the slopes are steep. The peak of the mountain is covered with a glacier that was formed in the early 20th century. The northern slope of the mountain has two small glaciers. Mount Bazardüzü is covered by abundant vegetation including the alpine meadow while mountain goat is the most common fauna on the mountain. The first ascent to the top of Mount Bazardüzü was in 1847 by Alexandrov.


Mount Shahdagh is the second highest peak in the Greater Caucasus Range at an elevation of 13,921 feet above sea level. The mountain is located in Qusar rayon, close to the border with Russia. Mount Shahdagh is characterized by prehistoric cave dwellings located at its base, indicating human activities around the mountain for over 9,000 years. Near the mountain also lies the ruin of the ancient town of Kabala which was the capital of Caucasian Albania. Mount Shahdagh has steep slopes and nasty winds blow towards its direction making its climbing very difficult. It is considered sacred and can only be approached by traditional priests according to the locals. Shahdagh also has a mysterious appearance and also covered with snow and ice.


Mount Tufandag is the third highest mountain in Azerbaijan at an elevation of 13,770 feet above the sea level. The mountain named Chingiz, a journalist and a national hero who was killed on the frontline of his duty fighting for Azerbaijan. Tufandag is opposite of Khynalyg and is considered a sacred place by the locals because of the presence of the ruins of the ancient villages that were destroyed by earthquake thousands of years ago.The summit of Mount Tufandag is covered with mist with winds blowing throughout the year. Tufandag is a major tourist’s attraction in Azerbaijan.


Mount Yarudag has an elevation of 13,504 feet above sea level. It is located near Kurush, Dagestan and it is the fourth highest mountain in Azerbaijan based on peakery data. It forms part of the Eastern Caucasus which stretches from Mount Kazbek up to Apsheron peninsula. Mount Yarudag is characterized by a flat-top summit covered with snow. The mountain is rarely visited by mountaineering because of its remote location.

General Mountain Information

Mountains of Azerbaijan are major tourists’ attraction, especially for the mountaineers and hikers. Because of the snow cover, there are little vegetation or wildlife activities on these mountains. Several rivers which run through the country are fed by the melting ice from these mountains, especially during summer.

Tallest Mountains in Azerbaijan

RankTallest Mountains in AzerbaijanElevation
14,652 feet
13,921 feet
13,770 feet
13,504 feet
5Raqdan Dagi
13,189 feet
12,812 feet
7Qapiciq Dagi
12,808 feet
8Ghazangyol Lerr
12,562 feet
9P'arravan Lerr
12,549 feet
10Gamis Dagi
12,234 feet

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