Native Birds Of Turkey

A black francolin.

Turkey is at the crossroads for birds from three continents, and has hundreds of native bird species calling the country home. It falls between the different migratory routes that the birds follow at different times as the climate changes affect their movement patterns.

Native Birds Of Turkey

White-Headed Duck

White-Headed Duck small duck with a stiff tail that measures about 18 inches in length. The male has a white head with a black crown at the center of its head. The bill is bluish in color and the general plumage of the body is reddish. The females have a darker bill and a dull coloring compared to the males. Their preferred habitats are open with water with dense vegetation at the margins to supply their food and give them protection from any predators. Such sites also provide the necessary cover required for mating and protection of their eggs. The bird feeds on the vegetation found inside the water and any other decomposing animal matter. In many cases, it will swim away from danger or aggression rather than fly away. The bird is considered an endangered species and the relevant international agencies are working towards securing them in their habitats.

Black Francolin

The bird has a curved head with brown iris eyes and a unique pattern of brown color all over its body. The average length of a full-grown bird is more than30 cm with a weight of up to 450g. They tend to stay in scrubby habitats with crop tall enough to offer them shelter and also adequate space underneath to allow for movement. They stay near water sources, and even though they are not forest birds, they frequent scrub lands. The male poses an extraordinary creaking call that persists throughout the breeding season. Both the male and female take care of their young ones.

Armenian Gull

Armenian Gull has a length range from 20 to 24 inches while the length of its wings averages 50 inches. Depending on the gender and size, they weigh between 600g to 1kg. Their bills are distinctively short with a black spot just before the edge. Most of their features are similar to those of the yellow-legged gulls. There is black shade at the end of their wings is more extensive. The birds prefer to live near mountain lakes and reside in colonies. Territorial conflicts are common. They lay three eggs in their nests usually in late April.


Bluethroat bird measure about 10-15 cm in size. It is plain brown except for distinctive patches. It breeds in birch wood and bushy swamp regions. They derive their names from the distinctly blue color of their throats that alternates with a deeper shade of brown. The bird is insectivorous by nature.

Status Of The Native Birds In Turkey

Some of the birds in Turkey face the threat of extinction due to adverse climatic changes that have affected their breeding and migration patterns. The millions of these beautiful birds have greatly enriched the ecosystem of Turkey and are critical in the ecological balance. Adequate measures are being taken to preserve the endangered species from extinction.

Native Birds Of Turkey

Native Birds of TurkeyScientific Name
White-Headed Duck
Oxyura leucocephala
Black Francolin
Francolinus francolinus
Armenian Gull
Larus armenicus
Luscinia svecica
Common Kingfisher
Alcedo atthis
White-Throated Kingfisher
Halcyon smyrnensis
Paddyfield Warbler
Acrocephalus agricola
Brown Fish-Owl
Ketupa zeylonensis
Sociable Lapwing
Vanellus gregarius
Gypaetus barbatus

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