Native Amphibians Of Papua New Guinea

The rainforests of Papua New Guinea are prime habitats for a number of endemic species.
The rainforests of Papua New Guinea are prime habitats for a number of endemic species.

The Asian country of Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern portion of one of the largest islands in the world. Located in the Pacific Ocean to the north of Australia, the country of just over seven million people gained its independence in 1975. Papua New Guinea boosts a rich diversity of plant and animal life including a number of native amphibians and distinctive frog species.

Weifel’s Big-Eyed Tree Frog

This species makes its home in both subtropical and tropical environments, particularly throughout rainforests and rivers. Weifel’s Big-Eyed Tree Frogs are known to occupy the eastern portion of Papua New Guinea’s Star Mountains near Telefomin, West Sepik Province as well as an area of land that extends about 18 miles westward.

Darlington's Madang Tree Frogs

This unique tree frog can sometimes reach sizes of over two inches. However, males of the species grow to almost one and a half inches while females can measure just shy of two inches. These particular frogs are most often found in the Southern Highlands Province of the country at elevations of approximately 5511 feet. Their habitats are often near temporary pools. They are known for emitting a low noise.

Efogi Tree Frog

This unique amphibian can be found not only in Papua New Guinea but also West Papua in the nation of Indonesia. Its natural habitats include subtropical or tropical wet lowland forested areas, rain forests, rivers, marshes,and country gardens. Habitat loss is an issue for this particular species.

Geelvink Pygmy Tree Frog

Found in West Papua (Indonesia) and Papua New Guinea, this frog’s name is a reference to Geelvink Bay (which is currently called Cenderawasih Bay). Along with inhabiting lowland forests, marshes, and country gardens this type of frog can adapt to city living and can also be found in ditches and canals.

Native Amphibians Of Papua New Guinea

Native Amphibians of Papua New GuineaSceintific Binomial Name
Zweifel’s big-eyed tree frog
Nyctimystes zweifeli
Arfak Mountains frog
Hylarana arfaki
Wandolleck's white-lipped tree frog
Litoria albolabris
Barabuna tree frog
Litoria contrastens
Trauna River tree frog
Litoria oenicolen
Darlington's Madang tree frog
Litoria darlingtoni
southern New Guinea tree frog
Litoria impura
Efogi tree frog
Litoria prora
Rossell Island tree frog
Litoria louisiadensis
Geelvink pygmy tree frog
Litoria pygmaea

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