How Far is Cuba from Miami?

Most flights between Miami and Cuba land in Havana.
Most flights between Miami and Cuba land in Havana.

Where Is Cuba?

Cuba is an island country in the northern Caribbean, and is the meeting point of the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. It is located north of Jamaica, south of Florida, and west of Haiti. The capital city of Cuba is Havana, which is the destination for most flights from Miami International Airport in Florida, United States. The distance between Cuba and Miami is 300 miles.

Where Is Miami?

Miami is Florida's major port city in the coastal region of the Atlantic Ocean. The city hosts an international airport that serves more than 35 million passengers each year. Miami is the center of international trade, cultural diversity, economic development, and politics. The cigar shops and cafes alongside the Calle Ocho in Little Havana bring about the influence that Miami has towards Cuba.

Travel by Air

A direct flight from Miami to Havana, Cuba takes less than one hour. Some of the airlines operating the Miami-Cuba flight route include American Airlines, Havana Air, and Delta. The airlines are the service providers in the two primary destinations, as well as other small Cuban cities that have international airports. Moreover, Miami International Airport operates several daily flights to Cuba, most of which land in Havana, and at least one to other minor airports.

Another airport offering direct flights from Miami to Cuba is José Martí International Airport, which is the largest airport in Cuba. Other international airports, such as Abel Santamaria International, offer that flight, and usually at low prices. Furthermore, the Miami-Havana route is the cheapest option when flying between Miami and Cuba.

Travel by Sea

The travel time by boat between Miami to Cuba is highly dependent on the weather and the type of boat, but it takes approximately ten hours on a high speed ferry. Some major ferry companies offering services authorized by the United States include Airline Brokers Company and United Caribbean Lines Florida. Ferry services are offer reasonable prices, restaurants, swimming pools, and shopping.

Cuba and USA relations

The relationship between the United States was severed during the Cold War in 1961. As a result, the United States government created policies aimed at isolating Cuba in economic and diplomatic matters. In 2008, Barrack Obama, president of the United States at that time, conducted fruitful talks with Raul Castro, the Cuban leader, to restore economic and diplomatic ties between the nations. Consequently, these talks have eased travel restrictions between the two countries. However, President Donald J. Trump has changed some of Obama's actions and indicated the possibility of rolling back the business ties between the nations.


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