Highest Mountains In Tunisia

Jebel ech Chambi, the highest summit in Tunisia.
Jebel ech Chambi, the highest summit in Tunisia.

Tunisia is situated along the Mediterranean Coast of the North Africa. Despite its small size, the country has great environmental diversity. The Atlas Mountain runs across Tunisia from the Algerian border to the Cape Bon peninsula. The region is characterized by rolling hills and plains. The Southern region of Tunisia is desert while Sahel in the Eastern region is world’s premier area for cultivation of olive. The country has a coastline of 713 miles long. Several rivers crisscross the country. The highest point in Tunisia is at Jabel ech Chambi with an elevation of 5,066 feet above the sea level. The mountains of Tunisia include;

The Three Highest Mountains In Tunisia

Jebel ech Chambi

Jebel ech Chambi is located in Al Qasrayn, Tunisia nearby to Kef Zemzoumet Aissa, six miles from the Algerian border. The mountain rises at an elevation of 5,066 feet above the sea level, the highest point and the highest mountain in the country. Jebel ech Chambi is part of the Tabassah Mountains which are also parts of the Sahara Atlas Mountains. The mountain stands above the Kasserine City in the Central Tunisia. Jebel ech Chambi is covered by Pine forest and also forms part of the Chaambi National Park. Jebel ech Chambi is known as a terrorist hub and constitute a new challenge for both the Tunisian and the Algerian Army.


Jabel Bireno is the second highest mountain in Tunisia and the second highest mountain in Al Qasrayn located near Thala Al Qasrayn with an elevation of 4,656 feet above the sea level. The mountain has a small summit area and steep slopes with a local relief of 300 meters or more. Bireno is also known as Djebel Biranaw or Djebel Birene. The mountain is surrounded by tombs, wells, hills, wadi, and ancient ruins. Jabel Bireno is also surrounded by the pine forest characterized by tall trees and little undergrowth. Wildlife species is very scarce in this mountain. Like Jebel ech Chambi, Bireno is also a hiding place for terrorist thus rarely visited by tourists.

Jebel el Ajered

Jebel el Ajered is the third highest mountain on the Al Qasrayn with an elevation of 4,544 feet above the sea level. The mountain is situated in the region of Kasserine in the Central-western Tunisia. Jebel el Ajered has steep slopes with pine forest cover. The area around the mountain is protected and under the management b the Department of Natural Resources with several guards patrolling the area both day and night. Jebel el Ajered receives few visitors who mainly come for picnics and site seeing. However, because of the insecurity in the area, many tourists keep off the summit of Mount Jebel el Ajered. There are wells and ruins at the foot of Mount Jebel el Ajered suggesting that the area was inhabited over 5000 years ago.

Mountain Insecurity

Because of the incidences of insecurity and cases of terrorism in Tunisia and neighboring Algeria, the mountains of Tunisia are isolated with limited visits throughout the year. The mountains are considered training grounds and hiding place for terrorist. However, the government of Tunisia in conjunction with the Algerian army is working towards making the mountains safe for visitors and citizens through increased patrols and monitoring of the mountain activities.

Highest Mountains In Tunisia

RankHighest Mountains in TunisiaElevation
1Jebel ech Chambi
5,066 feet
4,656 feet
3Jebel el Ajered
4,544 feet
4,505 feet
4,472 feet
4,452 feet
7Jebel es Sif
4,436 feet
8Jabal at Tallah
4,346 feet
4,334 feet
10Kef el Keecheb
4,327 feet

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