Highest Mountains In The Czech Republic (Czechia)

Mountain ranges can be seen throughout the Czech Republic (Czechia) including the city of Prague.

Sněžka along the border with Poland is the highest point in the Czech Republic and the Krkonoše Range. The Czech Republic (Czechia) is surrounded by low-lying mountains ranges including Sudetic, Krkonoše, Carpathian, and Sumarva. The European country occupies an area of 30,450 square miles and it borders Austria, Germany, Slovakia, and Poland.

Highest Mountains In The Czech Republic (Czechia)


The Sněžka is part of the Sudetic mountain range, and it rises to 5,256 feet. The mountain lies in the country’s northeastern region. The mountain was first named Pahrbek Sněžný to mean snowy hillock. It was then renamed Sněžovka until 1823 when it gained its current name. Initial settlements on the mountain engaged in mining for arsenic, copper, and iron deposits present in the mountain. Over time, a chalet, chapel, and an observatory have been built on the mountain’s summit. In modern day, the mountain is popular for hiking and skiing. The mountain is shared with Poland.


Lučni is the second tallest mountain at an elevation of 5,102 feet. The mountain is part of the greater Krkonoše mountain range, and it lies in the country’s northern region. Settlement on the mountain was facilitated by a chalet built in the 17th century for agricultural purposes. The ruins of the chalet remain on the mountain’s foothills after it was burnt in 1797. The mountain was an important area during the pre-war fortification works by the country’s leadership in the 20th century. The mountains vegetation consists of dwarf pine and meadows. The mountain gives rise to multiple streams and springs, and it is enclosed in the Krkonoše National Park.


Studnični rises to 5,098 feet in the Krkonoše mountain range. The mountain was formerly called Kamenita Plan which translates to stony plain. The mountain has many parts of stone as well as dwarf pine. The mountain’s snow layer can get as thick as 14 meters during winter, staying on until the advent summer at a region said to resemble the country’s contours giving the mountain the local name of the Map of Republic. Hiking trails are not well developed on the mountain, and it is enclosed in the Krkonoše National Park.

Wielki Szyszak

Wielki Szyszak Mountain has an elevation of 4.952 feet, and it is the country’s fourth tallest mountain. It lies on the border of Czechia and Poland, and it is part of the greater Krkonoše mountain range. In Czechia, the mountain is located in Dolnoślaskie, and it is enclosed in the Krkonoše National Park. The mountain is home to the remains of a monument erected in honor Wilhelm I Hohenzollernad.

Other Mountains in the Czech Republic

The rest of the country’s mountains are Praděd (4,892 feet); Smogornia (4,885 feet); Vysoká (4,800 feet); Kotel (4,708 feet); Králicky Sněžnik (4,672 feet); Velký Šišák (4,672 feet); Zadni Planina (4,665 feet); Keprnik (4,665 feet); Lusen (4,505 feet), and Bobik (4,147 feet). The Czech Republic has established itself as a top tourist destination in Europe for mountain-related activities including skiing, hiking, and sightseeing. Numerous resorts have been founded which cater to the growing number of tourists.

Highest Mountains In The Czech Republic (Czechia)

Rank Highest Mountains in the Czech Republic Elevation
1 Sněžka5,256 feet
2 Luční5,102 feet
3 Studniční5,098 feet
4 Wielki Szyszak 4,951 feet
5 Praděd 4,892 feet
6 Smogornia4,885 feet
7 Vysoká4,800 feet
8 Kotel4,708 feet
9 Králický Sněžník 4,672 feet
10 Velký Šišák4,672 feet
11 Zadni Planina4,665 feet
12 Keprník4,665 feet
13 Lusen 4,505 feet
14 Bobík 4,147 feet

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