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The unique landscape of the ​Goblin Valley State Park.

The Goblin Valley State Park is a vast region of immense protruding rock formations known as hoodoos. The hoodoos consist of mushroom-shaped features which give the area an unearthly appearance. Spanning a large area of land, the park is sometimes used as a movie set and is a popular ground for tourism and activities. Needless to say, the park offers a spectacular sight for people who wish to hike and explore the region.

5. Description

Goblin Valley State Park is located North of Hanksville in the US state of Utah at an elevation of around 4,840 feet. It is located on a vast land of about 3,654 acres and is managed by Utah State Parks. The temperatures in the region are extremely high around the summer, averaging between 32 to 41 degrees Celsius. However, the sparse vegetation and high altitudes allow for rapid cooling during the evenings, with temperatures often dropping to almost 10 degrees Celsius. During winters the temperatures drop to just above 0 degrees Celsisus during the day and drop into negative figures at night.

4. Uniqueness

The region is unique for its collection of rock formations called "hoodoos", which are, because of their silhouettes, often referred to as "goblins". The particular appearance of the landscape often is used as a movie set due to its extraterrestrial appearance.

3. Tourism

Due to the numerous magnificent hoodoos found in the park, the region experiences a large overflow of domestic and international tourists yearly. In 2011, the estimated number of tourists who visited the region was around 61,435. Hiking and camping are both options for activities within the park.

2. Habitat

Jack rabbits can be found in Goblin Valley State Park.

Due to the harsh climate, vegetation in the region is quite scanty, although there is a presence of plants which possess reduced leaves and succulent stems so as to adapt to the harsh climate (such as cacti). Many animals who inhabit the park are nocturnal, and venture outside only during the night when the ground is cool. Examples of wildlife species found includes scorpions, jack rabbits, and kangaroo rats.

1. Threats

The harsh climatic condition is one of the major threats walloping the whole region. The extreme temperatures that experienced throughout both the day and night are very harsh for human existence. The rugged terrain of the park also provides a navigation challenge.


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