Did You Know Genghis Khan's Forces Likely Killed More People Than Those Of Hitler?

A statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia.
A statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia.

Both Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan are known for their brutality, terror and mass extermination in history. But do you know which one out of the two was more brutal and killed way more people than the other?

Without any doubt, it was Genghis khan who was responsible for a lot more killings than Hitler. Here’s a look into the numbers of people each of them killed during their evil regimes.

Number of people killed by Hitler and Genghis Khan

Although there is no single accurate record to rely on about the total number of killings by both of them, it is not too difficult to come up with an estimated death toll.

According to a lower side estimate, Adolf Hitler was responsible for killing more or less twenty million people both in the Holocaust and World War II. Following is an estimated break down of all the killings by Hitler:

  • German political opponents - Undetermined
  • Jews - 6 million
  • Soviet prisoners of war and civilians - 8.7 million
  • Non-Jewish Polish civilian - 2 million
  • Serb civilians - 300,000
  • Repeat criminal offenders, homosexuals, disables and gypsies - at least 625,000

Quite like Hitler, there are no accurate records available for the total number of killings Genghis Khan executed, but we can make an estimate based on accounts from many historians of that time. All the historians concluded that Genghis Khan’s armies were responsible for killing more or less forty million people. Here’s a breakdown:

  • This number includes three-fourths of the total population of the Khwarezmid Empire.
  • His army completely erased the Xi Xia kingdom and killed every single person who refused to send their troops against Khwarezmids.
  • He slaughtered 1,748,000 people in Nishapur, Iran to take revenge for the death of his favorite son-in-law.
  • He killed every man of Zhongdu (modern day Beijing) which was ruled by Jin Empire and burnt down their bodies.
  • When Genghis Khan attacked an enemy Tatar tribe to take revenge for the killing of his father, he ordered that every man who is taller than ninety centimeters should be beheaded.

Although both Hitler and Genghis were involved in the evil act of slaughtering millions of people brutally, there are still many differences between both. This show that the question as to which one of these two was more cruel and evil in his acts is one that can still be debated.

Adolf Hitler vs. Genghis Khan

Genghis khan had a very hard and cruel childhood; his father was killed by the Taters when he was just ten years old. After that, his tribe refused to accept him as successor to his father, he and his family were thrown out of the tribe and were forced to live a very poor life. Imagine a child whose family has been thrown out by his own tribe and he is forced to live among barbarians for whom chopping someone’s head was nothing more than an amusement. Once in power, he killed millions of people who did not surrender to his rule or disobeyed him. He was very tolerant to all the religions, and even accepted some of his opponents as his reliable friends. For Genghis Khan, killings and terror was a tactic to guarantee his rule.

On the other hand, Hitler had been brought up in a middle class family and his hatred was more toward a specific race. He crushed all his opponents and even potential opponents. For Hitler, killings and terror was more to satisfy his grudge and hatred. This leads us to believe that even though Genghis Khan killed a lot more people, did so to guarantee his rule, while Hitler was acting more out of hatred.


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