Countries With The Highest Number Of Airline Passengers

Air travel makes traveling easier and quicker for people across the globe.
Air travel makes traveling easier and quicker for people across the globe.

Air travel has become an integral part of life, especially among the citizens of the developed world. It not only saves time but also gives the passengers a stress-free and exciting journey. The reasons for the hike in air travel across the world are economic stability and better infrastructural facilities. In this busy world, people prefer to take flights rather than taking a train or a bus journey to reach their destinations on time.

Understanding the Reasons why Air Traveling is Popular in these Countries

United States (US), China, and the United Kingdom (UK) are the three countries where air travel is highly popular.

United States

The US has the highest number of air passengers with an estimate of 798,230,000 passengers in 2015. The primary reason for such a high number of air passengers is America’s powerful economy and a fairly high income per capita. Due to the extensive business environment and busy professional life, employees and entrepreneurs prefer quick flights over rail or road travel. The advanced infrastructure, which connects nearly every city via air routes in the US is also another reason for the high volume of air traffic.


China is the second country that has the highest number of air passengers. In the year 2015, nearly 436,183,969 people traveled through flights in this country for different reasons. The higher flying traffic has reduced the cost of air travel. China is one of the topmost destinations for doing business. Therefore, the country gives priority to establish a systematic and more flexible air travel system spanning all major cities that can eventually help people attain efficiency in their work life.

United Kingdom

The UK comes on the third spot in the list. 131,449,680 people traveled through the air in 2015. The UK has always remained a center for revolutionary and transformative growth. The superb facilities provided to air passengers in the country has encouraged local people to choose flights. Traditional airports are now equipped with the latest technology and are highly modern. The vast air connectivity has strengthened business environment in the country.

Benefits of Traveling by Air

People who have to travel extensively for work are highly benefited because of flights help them cover long distances in less time. Elderly people also prefer traveling via flights because it exempts them from traveling long hours in trains or road journeys. Air traveling is also an easier way of connecting with the world and meeting friends and family living far away. During past days, most of the people avoided visiting places that are far from their home but in today’s time, distance is no longer an issue. Thus, air travel has helped make the world appear smaller, and connected people across the world to each other, giving rise to the phenomenon of globalization.

Countries With The Highest Number Of Air Passengers

RankCountryNumber Of Air Passengers (2015)
1United States798,230,000
3United Kingdom131,449,680

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