Cities With The Most Expensive Public Transport Networks In The World

The unique metro system of Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the world's most expensive for passengers.
The unique metro system of Stockholm, Sweden, is one of the world's most expensive for passengers.

The Importance Of Public Transportation

Public transportation is an essential requirement for the proper functioning of an urban society. In some cases, public transportation can get people between two points faster than private vehicles, which may get stuck in traffic jams. Other times, public transportation services are made available in areas or neighborhoods where private taxi services are unavailable. In addition, public transportation provides an option for people who live in poverty and are unable to buy a personal vehicle or pay for private transportation. In some places, however, the cost of public transportation services is higher than the global average. This article takes a closer look at which cities have the most expensive public transport network in the world.

Cities with the Most Expensive Public Transportation

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The most expensive public transportation in the world is in the city of Copenhagen in Denmark. The average price of a single one-way ticket in this city is around $4.30. Public transportation services available in Copenhagen consist of a wide range of options, including the Metro, trains, and both land and water busses. Service availability is abundant here, with hardly any area lacking some sort of public transportation line. In fact, the buses in this city even run throughout the night, from 1 a.m. until 5 a.m.

2. Stockholm, Sweden

The second most expensive public transportation in the world can be found in the city of Stockholm in Sweden. In this city, a single, one-way ticket costs passengers approximately $3.87. The Stockholm Public Transport department manages a variety of vehicles, including: trains, ferries, subways, buses, and trams. Passengers can purchase prepaid cards, 24 or 72 hour tickets, or 7-day passes to pay for their trips around the city. The most common route for tourists is bus number 69 and tram number 7, which provide stops at several tourist attractions.

London, England is often cited as having the most expensive public transportation system in the world. This information, however, is based on the cost of a monthly transportation pass. For a sing, one-way ticket, the average cost is $3.74, making it the third most expensive in the world. The public transportation lines in this city cover an extensive area and serve as a center for transportation throughout the UK. Some of the options available here include: the London Underground, the Tramlink, the Docklands Light Rail, busses, and river ferries. The current Mayor of London has prohibited an increase in the cost of public transportation fares and passes until 2020.

4. Oslo, Norway

The city of Oslo in Norway has the fourth most expensive price for a single, one-way ticket in the world. Here, passengers pay around $3.53 to take just one trip. The public transportation system in this city is run by the Ruter company. This company sells the tickets for busses, ferries, trains, subways, and trams. Trips within zones 1 and 2 of this city are free if the traveler holds an Oslo Pass, which can be applied to all transportation options. This pass has the following options available: 24 hours ($49.81), 48 hours ($75.91), and 72 hours ($94.89).

The chart published below provides further information about the cost of additional public transportation networks around the world.

Cities With The Most Expensive Public Transport Networks In The World

RankCityAverage price of a single ticket on a bus, tram, or subway in pound (£)
7Dublin 2.21

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