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  • Namesake: Americo Vespucci, the Italian explorer
  • Major Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Arabic, and dozens of indigenous languages
  • Population: 379,500,000 (2009 est)
    It's the fifth most populous continent, after Asia, Africa, Europe and North America
  • Population Density: 21.4 sq km (56.0 sq mi)

Top 10 Largest Cities: (see map)
(by metro population)
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: 18,505,100
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 12,923,800
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 11,246,600
  • Bogota, Colombia: 7,798,000
  • Lima, Peru: 7,603,500
  • Santiago, Chile: 5,636,800
  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil: 4,413,800
  • Salvador, Brazil: 3,173,500
  • Fortaleza, Brazil: 2,976,200
  • Cali, Colombia: 2,800.600

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