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Middle East

Middle East Description

The so-called modern version of the Middle East sits where Africa, Asia and Europe meet. The countries of the modern Middle East are all part of Asia, but for clarity reasons we geographically show them here as a separate landmass.

The Greater Middle East Map includes all countries on the map to the left including Afghanistan and Pakistan, and all the other "stans," but it also includes many North African countries like Egypt, Libya and Sudan. See Map.

Of note, Armenia and Azerbaijan have long established ties to Asia and the Middle East, but in recent years, they are beginning to align more with Europe based on their modern economic, political and socio trends. That's very much like Georgia, the former Russian republic, now a part of Europe.

On this map (our map) we attempt to show the modern definition of the Middle East, but in the world of geography, there are often many answers (or personal or political opinions) to what appears to be a simple question - What is the Middle East?

This page was last modified on August 14, 2015.