Where is Calgary, AB?

map showing the location of Calgary
Location of Calgary on a map.

Calgary is a city found in Alberta, Canada. It is located 51.05 latitude and -114.09 longitude and it is situated at elevation 1042 meters above sea level.

Calgary has a population of 1,019,942 making it the biggest city in Alberta. It operates on the LMT time zone.

Quick facts

Country Canada
Province Alberta
Population 1,019,942
Elevation 1,042 m over sea level
Time Zone LMT
Longitude -114.085290
Latitude 51.050110
Airport Calgary International, Alta.


Calgary, the largest city in the province of Alberta, rests in a deep river valley where the prairies end and the foothills begin. As the eastern gateway to the Canadian Rockies and a well-known destination for winter sports and ecotourism, Calgary and its surrounding area is home to numerous mountain resorts.

World class festivals, including the famed Calgary Stampede and the Folk Music Festival, are annual events.

Calgary is ever growing. With new suburbs sprouting rapidly, the city has grown to embrace a thriving all-ages music scene and a diverse population, while still retaining much of its traditional culture of hotel saloons, western bars, hockey and football fans.

With its long snowy winters and comfortable summers, this Canadian city is surrounded by awesome natural beauty, attracting outdoor adventurers, skiers and conservationists to visit and often settle down.


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