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San Juan, Puerto

With almost 500 years of history behind it, San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of the oldest cities flying the U.S. Flag.

Puerto Rico (the island) was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and the port city of San Juan eventually became an important intermediary stop were almost all European ships would restock before making their long trans-Atlantic crossing back to Europe.

In fact, on their way back to Spain, Spanish Galleons would pass through San Juan loaded with gold and booty from Mexico and South America.

Without question, Old San Juan is one of the gems of the Caribbean with its colorful style and fascinating history.

san juan fountain
colorful bar san juan
pigeons old san juan
street vendor old san juan
bar in old san juan
street light old san juan
pathway old san juan
old street in san juan
gate old san juan
horse statue old san juan
street art old san juan
cat old san juan

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