Why Is Biodiversity Important?

By Antonia Čirjak on January 31 2020 in Environment

Inside the 'Torre Madariaga' multimedia biodiversity showroom.
Inside the 'Torre Madariaga' multimedia biodiversity showroom.

Think about all the animals that exist on our planet, all the plants, and all the little organisms you cannot even see with a naked eye. All of those species play an integral part in the health and stability of our planet Earth. Our planet is a vast and beautiful place, filled with a variety of species. The coexistence of all those variations of life on Earth is what we also call biodiversity. These species interact with each other and their environment, forming a community that we call an ecosystem.

The importance of biodiversity lies in numerous economic, ecological, and cultural values. Biodiversity is the air we breathe, the crops we eat, and the beautiful views we enjoy. 

How Does Biodiversity Affect Us And How Do We Affect Biodiversity?

The world is filled with places that more or less rely on the supplies ecosystems provide for us. If the species that live in those ecosystems get endangered, it also means people get endangered. The weaker the ecosystem gets, by means of losing its species, the less likely it is that we are going to have clean air, fresh water, food, or climate regulation. Just like human beings depend on various animals and plants for the reasons mentioned, many other animal or plant species are also dependent on each other for the same reasons.

Endangerment of the condition of our ecosystems and biodiversity affects our lives as a whole
Endangerment of the condition of our ecosystems and biodiversity affects our lives as a whole.

Every species on the planet plays an integral role in the ecosystem. It doesn't matter what their size is; they all have their value and a right to live and survive. It is not a secret that human activity is responsible for the majority of extinction rates of plant and animal species. Activities such as fishing, mining, and cutting trees are changing our world for worse, at a rate to fast for the Earth to be able to regenerate. Endangerment of the condition of our ecosystems and biodiversity affects our lives as a whole, and at this rate, we will start to lose much more than we realize.

The exploitation of various ecosystems in the form of extreme logging, overhunting, overfishing is putting a lot of species at risk, affecting their habitat and threatening them with extinction. Water, land, and air pollution are all common global concerns that directly influence the weakening of biodiversity.

What Can We Do To Preserve Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is crucial for the life of humans and the planet as a whole. One way humans can help is to become more educated on the subject of environmental issues. While the help we need requires more dire and global changes such as different environmental policies, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, there are also "smaller "things we can do to make changes in the long run. Just like biodiversity itself, you can focus on relationships, taking part in your local communities and organizations that try and implement solutions, and provide tools for helping the environment.

Using environmentally friendly products, being careful how we dispose of our garbage and hazardous material, caution of our water consumption, and recycling are all things every one of us can start doing at anytime that can only be of help to our planet. The worst thing you can do is to think that someone else will do it for you. Those little things may not seem much, but in the grand scheme of things, nature will be thankful. 

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