What is the Largest and Heaviest Fruit in the World?

Atlantic giant pumpkins.
Atlantic giant pumpkins.

In a large number of plants, fruits are the parts that contain the seeds necessary for the growth of the next generation of the plant. Fruits are some of the most commonly consumed plant products in the world due to a large number of vitamins they contain as well as other health benefits. One of the most famous fruits in the world is the Atlantic giant pumpkin which currently holds the world record for being the largest and heaviest fruit on earth. The Atlantic Giant Pumpkin has been known to grow to a weight of over one ton.

The History Of The Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

According to information published by the BBC, the Atlantic giant pumpkin may trace its roots to the Mammoth pumpkin which at one point held the record for the largest fruit in the world. Research indicates that the Hubbard Squash was among the first pumpkins to be bred for their size. The pumpkins were later interbred with other varieties which resulted in a significant size increase over successive generations.

The Growth Cycle Of The Fruit

The pumpkin's growth is heavily monitored to ensure that it grows to the right size. After planting the pumpkin seeds, they typically take about two weeks to germinate. The pumpkin's leaves take nearly a week after germination to appear. The pumpkin seeds are initially planted indoors and a few days after the appearance of the first leaves are planted in a garden that has been sufficiently prepared. Since the plants are grown in cold areas, adequate protection is provided to shield the seedlings from frost and cold. Atlantic giant pumpkins are particularly susceptible to pests such as squash bugs and vine borers and farmers heavily rely on chemicals to kill these pests. As the pumpkin continues to mature, fertilizers with high phosphate content are regularly used as the pumpkins require a lot of phosphorus. Humidity significantly affects the pumpkin's growth during the summer months. The Atlantic giant pumpkins need vast amounts of water during their growth.

Remarkable Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

One of the most well-known Atlantic giant pumpkins was grown in 2016 in Belgium by Mathias Willemijns. The pumpkin weighed 2,625 pounds, and it broke the world record at the time. The pumpkin also holds the Belgian national record for largest fruit. Wuersching grew another remarkable pumpkin grown in 2016. It weighed 1,986 pounds and currently holds the national record in Germany. The South African national record was set in 2016 by Shirley Oliver with a pumpkin that weighed 1,116 pounds. One of the longest standing national records is the Spanish national record set in 2003 by Carlos Perez. Carlos' pumpkin weighed 1,034 pounds.

Nutritional Value Of Pumpkins

Scientific evidence indicates that pumpkins provide lots of valuable nutrients such as vitamin K, phosphorus, and iron, which are all necessary for the body's development. Pumpkins have vast quantities of antioxidants that contribute to reducing inflammation. Antioxidants in pumpkins also guard the body against free radicals that may significantly alter the functioning of cells. Eating pumpkins have also been linked to improving heart health by lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body.


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