Where Is The Myrtoan Sea?

Myrtoan Sea near Hydra island.
Myrtoan Sea near Hydra island.

Where Is The Myrtoan Sea?

The Myrtoan Sea/ Mirtoan Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea located between the Peloponnesos peninsula and the Cyclades island group, south of Euboea, Attica, and Argolis. It is an extension of the Aegean Sea. The waters of the Black Sea flow to the Myrtoan Sea through the Aegean Sea. The Gulf of Athens and the Saronic Gulf are located between the Myrtoan Sea and the Corinth Canal. The Dardanelles connects the Aegean to the Marmara Sea while the Bosphorus connects the Aegean to the Black Sea.


The sea is named after Myrtilus; a Greek mythical hero who angered Pelops and was consequentially thrown into the sea. Others think that the name originated from the island of Myrtus.

Touring The Myrtoan Sea

Popular tourism sites along the coast of the Myrtoan Sea are Peloponnese and Cyclades.


Peloponnese is one of the most visited places in Greece. The peninsula is home to Olympia; the city that hosted the Olympic games in 1896. Several ancient temples are located in the peninsula including the Temple of Zeus built in the 5th century. The peninsula is also home to the Greek heroes Menelaus and Agamemnon who fought together to retrieve Helen of Troy. The town is rich in Greek history including the Lion Gate built in the 13th century. Tourists can also visit the ancient theatre of Epidauros. The theatre was built in the 4th century and can hold 14,000 people. The Pylos harbor offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the home of the Greek leader Nestor who fought the Trojans. His palace built in the 1300 BCE still stands.

The Cyclades

The Cyclades is formed by some of the loveliest islands Greece has to offer. The islands are characterized by sandy beaches, folk music, barren landscapes, and hospitable people. The islands are arranged circularly. Greek mythology tells a tale of the Greek god Poseidon who was furious at the Cyclades nymphs and consequentially turned them into islands. Millions visit the Cyclades to enjoy the crystal clear water and the amazing light of the shores. The Tinos island is among the most visited islands; it is the religious capital of Greece and home to the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Panayia Meyalóhari). Every year thousands flock to the church to fulfill their vows and seek spiritual redemption. The islands of Kea offer a beautiful scenery that is easily accessible. It is characterized by steep mountains, valleys, and olive groves.


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