What is Caprock?

Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway in Texas is an example of caprock.

What is Caprock?

Caprock is a resistant rock that lies on top of a less resilient rock type. The other name for caprock is a cap rock, and typical examples include mafu stones and sandstone. To illustrate this, the caprock’s analogy is the structure of the cake that have the outer material of a cube being harder than the inner part. Therefore, if a rock type lies on top of a softer rock type, then this rock type is known as the caprock. The usual specific locations of the caprock include the mesa rock formations, escarpments, and salt domes. In the petroleum line of business, the caprock are always defined as an impermeable rock that prevents the water, oil, or grass from sipping to the surface. A perfect example of caprock is the Niagara escarpments, the region where the Niagara Falls is located. The caprock in this region consist of limestone material.

Salt Dome Caprock

In the Gulf of Mexico, the salt domes dissolve in a specific and unique manner. The top of the salt domes disintegrate and usually, they make arrangements that vary from a height of zero to 1500 feet. The process by which these salt domes were created is that the halite which is a chloride (salt) is eroded first leaving the second layer called gypsum and anhydrite. The two materials (gypsum and anhydrite) combine with other organic materials in a chemical reaction to form calcite. According to Murray's 1966 classic paper, he analyzed that the sequence of this layers enumerate from calcite to gypsum and finally anhydrite salt.

Caprock Escarpments

The phrase "caprock escarpments" is usually used in west Texas and Eastern New Mexico to describe a transformation of the geological formation between the plain in Milano and Estacado. The escarpments consist of caliche, which is a layer of calcium carbonate having a nature that is resistant to erosion. In various locations, the mountains rise to a thousand feet above the plains. The features that are located in this escarpment were formed due to corrosion. In general, the up-slope and the convergent terrain brings about sudden and unexpected changes in weather and the climate of that region. For example, this slope enhances precipitation and bring about strong thunderstorms.

Caprock Canyon State Park and Trailway

Caprock Canyon is a Texas national park which is located in Milano Estacado. The area is approximately one hundred miles southeast of Amarillo. The city has beautiful well-structured terrain made of caprock. The inner part of the rock is easy to corrode compared to the top part of the rock type. Due to the high corrosion in the region, the formation of a beautiful canyon has occurred. The canyon is among the most popular sites for tourist attraction in the state of Texas.


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