What and When Is International Coastal Cleanup Day?

The International Coastal Cleanup Day encourages people to help protect the oceans through coastline cleaning initiatives.

Waste that is dumped in the coastal areas are chocking the oceans in the world. Thousands of tonnes of waste products wind up in oceans with the highest percentage of this waste being plastic. The plastics have caused so much damage to marine life and killed many species that live and depend on water. It is estimated that plastic materials have killed more than one million birds and thousands of seals and fish. With such extreme loss of marine life, it is crucial to conserve our water bodies.

What Is International Coastal Cleanup Day?

The International Coastal Cleanup Day is a day set aside to encourage people to help protect the oceans. This day encourages individuals to help reduce the challenges the oceans face by going out to clean the beaches. The International Coastal Cleanup Day aims to collect and document garbage from the coastline, especially along beaches.

When Is International Coastal Cleanup Day?

The Ocean Conservancy initiated the International Coastal Cleanup Day in 1986. The organization wanted to create a day where volunteers would collect and tally trash on beaches. Using the information collected by the volunteers, the organization identifies sources and trends of marine waste and increase awareness on the threat to marine life. The day is set on the third Saturday of September and is celebrated annually. Since the day was started, the cleanup process has expanded to more regions in the United States and to over 100 other countries around the world.

Getting Involved in the Day

On International Coastal Cleanup Day, people go out to beaches along the oceans to collect washed up garbage. People can post on social media to create awareness and also to invite others to cleanup activities on this day. For those who are far from oceans, other water bodies need cleanup too. Going to the nearest river or lake to do cleanup activities will go a long way to support the movement. One can also donate to organizations that help in marine conservation.

Importance of International Coastal Cleanup Day

Humans, animals, plants, and many other of the world’s organisms need oxygen to survive. Covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, oceans produce most of the water people use and drink. Half of the oxygen humans breathe is generated by the oceans. The oceans provide seafood with at least a sixth of the animal protein in the human diet. Oceans play a critical role in lowering impacts of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Oceans provide recreational opportunities such as surfing and other water sports.

During the 2017 International Coast Cleanup Day, over 18 million pounds of trash was collected from the oceans. With more and more people getting involved in the movement, the oceans are becoming cleaner. Marine life is at stake and the little effort that people do on this day goes a long way to help in marine conservation. A cleaner ocean life provides more opportunities for humankind to explore the beauty of the oceans and benefit from what they provide.


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