Tree of Life - Natural Wonders of Bahrain

The Tree of Life in Bahrain.
The Tree of Life in Bahrain.

The ever-green Tree of Life of Bahrain, or otherwise referred to as Shajarat-al-Hayat by the locals, is approximately 400 years old. It is believed to have been planted in 1583. The tree is covered with green leaves, despite being in the Arabian Desert. The Tree of Life is located 2km from Jebel Dukhan. It is approximately 9.75 meters tall and a lone tree standing in the desert, with no other vegetation around it. Minimal vegetation can be spotted a few miles away from the Tree of Life. The tree is called the Tree of Life due to its ability to thrive with no obvious source of water.

Physical Description Of The Three of Life

The tree is low and wide. Unlike most trees of its age, one can easily touch its leaves while standing on the ground. The branches grow downwards towards the ground before curving upwards. The leaves of the tree are delicate and feathery. At the trunk of the tree, there are quite a number of scribbling, done by tourists who frequent the site.Some have inscribed their names or the names of their loved ones. There are small holes drilled on the trunk that were used to extract ring samples for the study. The temperatures around the Tree of life are usually around 41 °C. In fact, it sometimes rises to around 50°C. The desert experiences frequent sandstorms.

How Does the Tree Of Life Thrive Well In the Arabian Desert?

People have been wondering how a tree can remain green and “healthy” in such dry condition and harsh climate. The tree receives little to no rain at all annually.Some scientists have established that the tree draws water from an underground stream that is said to be two miles from the tree. Some theories have also established that the tree draws moisture from the breezes that originate from the Persian Gulf. It is also said that the tree draws any little moisture from the sand. There are also beliefs that the tree is growing in the Garden of Eden, and therefore has its own mysterious ways of obtaining water.Some of the locals also believe that the tree is sustained through the protection of the Sumerian god called Enki.All these myths put forward are as a result of no scientific proof to the existence of the tree. However, it is highly probable that the tree has a superior tap-root system that helps it draw underground water.

Tree Of Life As A Tourist Attraction

The Tree of Life is one of the top tourist attractions in the desert. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in entire Bahrain. Over 50,000 tourists visit the tree annually. Its popularity is due to its mysterious survival in the desert. The surrounding area has is also considered an archaeological site. The Tree of Life can be accessed by a dirt road. It can also be spotted from a distance since the area has no much vegetation or structures around it.


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