The World's Top Producers of Mushroom and Truffle

Black truffle mushrooms are used in many types of high-end cuisine.
Black truffle mushrooms are used in many types of high-end cuisine.

The most common cultivated species of mushroom is Agaricus bisporus. Mushroom and truffle are cultivated in sheds with low light intensity and controlled climatic conditions. The sheds modify or limit the surrounding conditions to suit the cultivation of mushrooms and truffles. The modifications also prevent the buildup of carbon dioxide in the shed; a condition that negatively impacts on the proper growth of mushrooms. The world mushroom and truffle production has grown over the years, with a record production of about 8.5 million tons in 2011. The top world producers include;

Top Producers


China tops the list of world’s largest producer of mushroom and truffles with an annual production of about 5 million tons. China largely produces mushroom and truffles to meet the large external and internal market demands. Most of the exported Chinese mushrooms and truffles are taken to Thailand. Mushrooms are an important meal in most Asian communities like the Chinese. The Yunnan province is the leading producer of wild mushrooms in China. The wild mushrooms in Yunnan are picked mostly between May and September. The climate of Yunnan supports the cultivation of mushroom. Yunnan and Sichuan are the leading provinces in the production of truffles.


With an annual production of over 761,000 tons, Italy is the second largest producer of mushroom and truffles in the world. Truffles are mainly harvested in February during autumn. The white truffle is increasingly becoming a rare product. Its short supply has made its prices and value to shoot up within a short period. Piedmont is the leading region in the production of mushrooms and truffles in Italy. Some of the distributors of mushroom and truffles in Italy include Italian Taste and Macchiozzi Luxury.

The United States of America

The USA produces over 390,000 tons of mushroom and truffles annually. The North American Truffle Growers Association was established mobilize and train truffle farmers in North America. Most of the US truffle farming occurs in Iowa, Virginia, South and North Carolina Chester County, and Pennsylvania. Mushroom from Pennsylvania accounts for 41% of total mushrooms produced in the USA. The production of mushroom in Pennsylvania is promoted by the Mushroom Farmers of Pennsylvania with mushroom farms individually owned.


The Netherlands produces over 304, 000 tons of mushroom and truffle annually. Mushroom and truffle from the Netherlands are both wild and cultivated. The Green Mushroom Farm based in Netherlands is the main exporter of mushroom and truffle in the country, exporting mainly to the other European markets. Truffles are also common in Amsterdam, with many people considering it to be a drug and shipping it can be a bit troublesome.

Benefits of Mushrooms and Truffles

Mushrooms and truffles contain important minerals in large quantities for your body. These minerals include selenium, copper, potassium and phosphorous. Mushrooms are also known to improve people’s diet habits because of its ability to increase appetite. Mushrooms and truffles contain vitamin D and they are a good substitute for red meat and an option for vegetarians. Mushrooms are good for weight control, as they contain little fat. Most known and studied mushrooms have been termed medicinal and with an ability to boost the immune system.

The World's Top Producers of Mushroom and Truffle

RankCountryProduction in Tons
1People's Republic of China5,008,850
3United States390,902
9United Kingdom69,300
18South Korea30,574
24South Africa12,568
27New Zealand9,884

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