Busiest Airports In The United States By Passenger Traffic

In 2015, the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the U.S. state of Georgia saw 49,340,732 passengers board its planes.

The United States not only has the highest number of airports in the world, but also some of the busiest as well according to annual passenger boarding traffic data. Airports such as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta handled more than 40 million local passengers with over 60 million others passing through it in 2015. The high number of primary airports in the United States is because of increasing number of domestic travel. Additionally, the US depends on air transport as the main means of communication because of its vast size and the high number of metropolitan cities, such as New York, California, Chicago, and Houston.

Busiest Airports in the U.S. by Passenger Boardings

These airports handled the highest number of boarding passengers in 2015, on average more than 20 million each, making them some of the busiest in the United States.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Also named as the most efficient airport in the world, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest in the world in terms of total boarding traffic. In 2015, 49,340,732 passengers boarded their flights from this airport to various parts of the United States and the world. It has one of the best services and minimal flight delays in the world. A $6 billion capital improvement program has been underway since 2013, which has ensured the high quality of service and efficiency in all departments of air travel. Keynote factors such as its strategic location, and being a connection hub and point of entry into the rest of North America, have caused Hartsfield-Jackson airport to have the highest number of traveling Americans per year.

Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles international Airport serves as the main entryway into Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the rest of Southern California, with connections to other parts of the United States such as Hawaii and West Coast destinations. In 2015, over 36 million passenger boarded their flights here. It has a new international terminal that is dedicated to handling passengers from Asia and the Pacific.

O’Hare International Airport

O’Hare International Airport was the busiest in the United States until the late 1990s. It connects Chicago, Illinois to various parts of the United States. In 2015, over 36 million passengers boarded their flights from O’Hare International Airport making it one of the busiest passenger airports in the US and the world.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport handled 31,589,832 boarding passengers in 2015. It is the biggest airport in the state of Texas and even has its own postal code and post office. It has one of the most advanced airport technologies and is regarded as the most tech-friendly airport in the United States. The airport serves as the main hub for American Airlines. With its architectural flair of open circular design, it is very attractive.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK airport has a yearly traffic of 56.8 million passengers with 27.7 million boarding flights to various parts of the world. It is the main international airport in New York, seeing arrivals and departures from almost all major international airlines. It is the fifth busiest airport in the United States, incorporating new technologies to manage the high volume of domestic and international traffic.

Other airports with high traffic for boarding passengers include Denver, San Francisco, Charlotte Douglas, McCarran, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International airports.

Reasons for High Volumes of Boarding Passengers

Being among one of the busiest airports in the United States is accelerated by several factors. First, the United States has experienced a boom in domestic travels and the need for expansion to accommodate the high volume of passengers has led to more developments in these airports. Advancement in technology has made it easy to coordinate travels for millions of passengers each year. Air travel is the most reliable means of travel in the United States, considered to be better than roads. Train travel is not very popular in the United States either.

The Busiest Airports In The US By Total Passenger Boardings

RankAirports Number of Passenger Boardings, 2015
1Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport49,340,732
2Los Angeles International Airport36,351,226
3O'Hare International Airport36,305,668
4Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport31,589,832
5John F. Kennedy International Airport27,717,503
6Denver International Airport26,280,043
7San Francisco International Airport24,190,549
8Charlotte Douglas International Airport21,913,156
9McCarran International Airport21,824,231
10Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport21,351,445

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